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Lift Up Blog Articles in 2017

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Lift Up Blog Articles in 2017

This section of the site presents selected articles, interviews, presentations and research studies related to various aspects Olympic Weightlifting.

Athletes and Coaches: Alexeev and Chuzhin, Viva Las Vegas. Top 10 World Record Breakers., 16-year Old Champ From Bulgaria, Serge Reding (Belgium), Alexander Senshin: World Record in Moscow (1980), Lift Up: In Memoriam (2017), Two Cents Into Olympic Weightlifting, Ireneusz Palinski, Holiday Season Quiz For the Fans of Olympic Weightlifting, Gewichtheben Means Weightlifting In German, World Record By Dzhamal Panakhov, The Last Tournament With Yury Vlasov, Karimov, Jouni Grönman (Finland), Veretennikov, S. Didyk: Walking For the World Records, Athletes and Coaches: A. Kurynov and A.Vorobyev, Moscow Promises, 2017 Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: John Davis, Bruce Wilhelm, Chuck Vinci, Bob Bednarski, Phil Grippaldi, Bob Hoffman and Team USA, Mark Cameron, Norbert Schemansky, Michael Karchut, Paul Anderson, Joe Dube, T.Kono and P.George, After World War II, Dave Sheppard, Dave Ashman, Team USA (1936), Team USA (1958), John Grimek of York Barbell, Team USA (1952), Team USA Goes To Europe (1938), First Attempt of Yurik Vardanyan, Isaac Berger: World Record in Stockholm, Team USA 1946, David Rigert in Munich (1972), The Last World Championship For Yanko Rusev, Tommy Kono at the Moscow Prize International, Yury Vlasov (Stockholm, 1963), Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: John Davis, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Bruce Wilhelm, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Chuck Vinci, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Bob Bednarski, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Phil Grippaldi, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Bob Hoffman and Team USA, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Mark Cameron, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Norbert Schemansky, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Michael Karchut, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Paul Anderson, Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom: V. Klokov Sets Four World Records, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Joe Dube, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: T.Kono and P.George, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: After World War II, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Dave Sheppard, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Dave Ashman, Bulgarian Weightlifting Stars, Two Generations of Soviet Super Heavyweights, In Memory of the Legend: 188kg World Record in Clean-and-Jerk (1986), In Memory of the Legend: World Record in Snatch by Naim (1986), Naim Suleymanoglu (1967-2017), Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Team USA (1936), Alexander Borisenok (Belarus), The Last Gold of Viktor Kurentsov, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Team USA (1958), Avset Avsetov (USSR), Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: John Grimek of York Barbell, Hafiz Suleymanoglu, World Record by Vladimir Marchuk, Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Team USA (1952), Valentin Khristov (Bulgaria), Go USA Weightlifting Marathon: Team USA Goes To Europe (1938), Heavy Lifting By Moscow Dynamo, Smiling Champion Alexander Pervy, Anton Kodzhabashev (Bulgaria), Umar Edelkhanov, Weightlifters in Crystal Palace in London, Alexander Kraychev (Bulgaria), Closing Ceremony (1967), RLOL, Kanybek Osmonaliev, Doug Hepburn in 1953, Estonian Strongman Toivo Kurg, RLOL, Sultan Rakhmanov in Leningrad (1979), Athletes and Coaches: Popov and Kirshon, Israil Arsamakov: World Record in Snatch Lift (1982), RLOL, Brasilian Beaches and American Weightlifting, Jakko Kailajarvi (Finland), 1948 Team USA, Olympic Champions in Weightlifting (Moscow, 1980), Frank Rothwell: Go Ireland!, World Record by Yury Vlasov, Olympic Press by Alexander Kidyaev, RLOL, RLOL, Peter George and John Davis: Two Legends of Weightlifting USA, Russians Are Coming, Training Session in the Legendary U.S. Gym, World Record by Vladimir Belyaev, The 3rd Attempt of Batishchev, Great USA vs. USSR Series of Matches in 1955, New WR in Total by Sohrab Moradi (Iran), Lift Up, History In Color: Feedback Request, Oxen Mirzoyan (Armenia), Olympic Press by Vasily Alexeev: Early Years, Morning Promenade in Dubna, Russia, Arvid Andersson (Sweden), Olympic Champion Ota Zaremba (Czechoslovakia), Another World Record by Adam Gnatov, The Usual Suspects of York Barbell, Naim Suleymanoglu Is in Serious Condition with Liver Failure, Team England Finest (1962), Yury Chimrov (USSR), Athletes and Coaches: Chimishkyan and Mekhanik, Theater of One Athlete, Syrchin, Khasan Yagly-Ogly, Puerto Rico Strongest, World Record By Bob Bednarski (USA), Dmitry Ivanov: Soviet Sports Writer and Athlete, John Grimek (USA), Vladimir Grachev (CCCP), Karel Prohl (Czech Republic), Joe Dube at the 1970 AAU Senior Nationals (Culver City, CA), And the Winners Are (90kg, Helsinki, 1952), Happy 90th Birthday to Rudolf Plukfelder, USA vs. USSR Weightlifting Toutnament (1958): Lomakin, Unsung heroes: Lightweight Champion Nikolay Nogaytsev, Retro Sounds and Music of Olympic Weightlifting, Jaan Talts Joins the 500 Club (1967), Made in USA: Glorious Duo, Athletes and Coaches of Dynamo Moscow, On the Stage of the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, 165 Kg Press By Vladimir Golovanov, .Paul Anderson in the Spoltlight, America’s Numero Uno, Valery Smirnov of Leningrad, Russia, Heavyweight Champs in 1970, 1968 Team USA Weightlifting in Mexico City, Arnold Can Be Silly Sometimes, Vasily Alexeev and CCCP Strongest in Podolsk (1976), Team USA Weightlifting in Berlin (1936), Mati Nuude of Tallinn, Estonia, CCCP and Bulgaria: Joint Training Camp, Plug and Play, USA!, Snatch Pull in Munich, Press Lift by Karl Pumpurins, Snatch Lift by Vladimir Kononov, Tommy Kono in Germany, Velichko Cholakov (1982-2017), Bohuslav Braum, Czechoslovakia, Arnold Luhaaar: Berlin, 1936, Ivanchenko at the 1972 National Championship, World Wide Weightlifting: Rigert-o-Mania, Just a Matter Of Technique, Alfred Neuland (Estonia), Helmut Losch, Big Names. Small Talk., If Not Today Then Tomorrow, Bronislav Ryzhik, Vorobyev (1954), Team CCCP Weightlifting in Tsaghkadzor (1978-79), Cholokyan, Chuck Vinci (USA), Trofim Lomakin (1954), Best Super Heavyweights In 1976, Gennady Ryabokon (1938-2017), Taranenko: World Record in 1980, Sentiments On the Past, Khristo Plachkov (Bulgaria), In Deep Thoughts, Rudolf Ismayr, Vaclav Psenicka and Jaroslav Skobla (Czechoslovakia), David Rigert: Barefoot Snatch, Peter Korol, Jaan Talts, Vladimir Ryzhenkov, Rigertomania In Action, Team Czechoslovakia (1980), Anthropometry, David Rigert: Montreal, 1976, Alexander Pervy, Bonk, Schemansky and Kono in Switzerland, They Were the First Ones, Nassiri, Eduard Brovko, Team USA Weightlifting in Basel (1953), Peter Baczako, Rudolf Plyukfelder (Viena, 1961), Mosibit, Arakelov, Yurik Vardanyan: The Legend, Alexander Dzhedzhelava, David Rigert in Donetsk (1973), Pisarenko Comes Back, Victor Mazin, Peter George: Thank You To All Historians and Fans of Olympic Weightlifting, Athletes and Coaches: Oxen Mirzoyan and Ashot Vilasyan, Athletic On the Beach, Middle Heavyweights CCCP in 1967, His First World Title in 1959, Team USA Weightlifting in Munich (1955), Robert Kabbas (Australia), Heavyweights CCCP in 1971, Happy Birthday, Dr. Peter George!, Igor Sadykov, Dziedzic and Ozimek of Team Poland, The Champions of the 1967 Spartakiade, Zygmunt Smalcerz, Blagoev (Bulgaria), Weightlifting Americana In Color, Team CCCP Weightlifting in Color, Anniversary Posters: USSR Weightlifting Championships (1918-1991), World Record By Pervushin, Team CCCP Weightlifting (1978), Unsung heroes: Anatoly Mayasin (Latvia), Also Known As Oddjob, Pioneers of Weightlifting, Requiem For the Heavyweights, Baszanowski: 220 Kilo Back Squat, Marian Zielinski (Poland),  .., USSR Weightlifting Championship (1918-1991) Poster,  100th Anniversary of the 1st USSR Weightlifting Championship, David Rigert in Gettysburg, Team USA Weightlifting in Rome, Karl Pumpurins, Tom Jones and World Strongest Men In Las Vegas (1978), Dzhamal Panakhov, Stanley Stanczyk at the 1952 Olympics, Team USA Weightlifting at the Madison Square Garden, Dito Shanidze, Say Hello to Bruce Lee, Two Word Records by Jaan Talts, Team CCCP in the United States (1978), Super Heavyweights in 1971, Rigert in Moscow 1975, Ivanchenko: Russian Training Classic Style, Bogdanovsky, Schemansky Goes For Another Record, Paul Anderson in LA, Stogov, Before the Lift, Zakharevich, Berger and Udodov, Chetin, First Attempt in 1980, Beginning the Snatch Lift, Family Business, Bonk, Team CCCP Weightlifting 1982, The First Flag Bearer For Team CCCP, Athletes and Coaches: Popov and Kemel, World Record in Rome, Team Czechoslovakia in Poland (1957), Leif Jenssen (Norway), Abadzhiev and Nurikyan, Unknown Alexeev, Unsung Heroes: Light Heavyweight Contestants (1978), Norbert Schemansky in Moscow (1963), Grippaldi (USA), Kosarev, Unsung Heroes: Vasily Pegov, The Nightmare No-Lift, Fantomas: Weighlifting Version, Ups and Downs, Peter George (USA), Going For the World Record, Imre Foldi (1938-2017), Training in 1956, Vakhonin, Vyacheslav Andreev: World Record in 1979, Saxonov, Vasily Stepanov, Resting in Vienna (1961), Tommy Kono in Budapest (1962), Two Champs of Tokyo 1964, The Night of Three World Records by Yurik VardanyanTeam CCCP Weightlifting (1957), Selitsky, Arnold Golubovich, Kolesnikov, Training in Tbilisi, Split Style Clean in Munich 1955, Muscles From Moscow, New WR: 217 Kilos Snatch, No Light Lifting At the World Championships, Karlis Pumpurins of Latvia, Coaches and Athletes: Yurik Sarkisyan and His Champions, Rigert In Training, Vladimir Anikin of Riga, Latvia, Athletes and Coaches: Rakhmanov and Brovko, Incline Press by Louis Martin, From Here To Eternity, Coaches and Athletes: Freifeld and Ivanchenko, Legend of the Middleweight, Pavel Kuznetsov, Team Europe 1975, Kaplunov, Dave Ashman (USA), the First To Clean-and-jerk 200 Kilos, Rookie Lifter To Remember (1959), Valery Shary in 1973, Joe Di Pietro, Magnificent Seven From Hungary, Dave Sheppard, Kurynov, Ivan Abadzhiev (1932-2017), Alexander Kidyaev, Imre Foldi, Coaches and Athletes: Itkin and Osmanaliev, Mighty Voronin, Articles in English / Photography / Sports History, Kolotov (1971), Zhabotinsky In the Training Gym, David Rigert is 70, Training Hall in 1970, Bob Hoffman and Team USA (1958), Igor Rybak, Coaches and Athletes: Plyukfelder and Rigert, Meet the Press in 1964, Rigert in 1975, Boris Pavlov, Valery Shary In the Late 1960s, Alym Achichaev, Bob Bednarski: The 8th Wonder of the World, Six World Records In One Night, Befriended In Rome, Coaches and Athletes: Bogdasarov and Vlasov, Red Army: Olympic Weightlifting, Team USA Weightlifting (1948), Mr. Little Giant of the Flyweight, Blast From the Past, Soviet Finest in Montreal (1976), Hop Hop Hop, Yurik Vardanyan (1979), Kirzhinov, Jingkai Chen (China), Poltoratsky, The Sots Press, Kaarlo Kangasniemi in Mexico City, Medvedev and Yenaldiev, Spartakiada 1979, Plyukfelder, World Record In 1962, Plyukfelder, Nosseir, Good Old Olympic Weightlifting High Pulls, In the Middleweight, Heavy Squats by Marchuk (1980s), Pride of Estonia, These Are Difficult Times, Russ Prior (Canada, 1949-2017) , The Best of Georgia, David Rigert: In the Gym, Yakubovsky, Legends of Egypt, Vorobyev, Rakhmanov, Training Camp in Dzintare (1950), Hot in Lima in 1971, Bulgarian Training and Bulgarian Championships, Atanas Kirov (1946-2017), Team USA In York, PA (1952), Weightlifting Poster Athlete, Training Hard In 1946, Snatch Lift by Vasily Alexeev, Medvedev, Isaac Berger, Rusev, Rigert, Abadzhiev, Dynnikov, Ryzhenkov, Here Goes the New World Record In Paris!, Lift Up: Olympic Weightlifting History In Color, Ivanchenko, Casual Conversation Between the Training Lifts in Rome, The Back of A Weightlifter, Old Photo From Joe Dube, Yevgeny Sypko (1963-2017), Always Ready For the Challenge, Lomakin, The Strongest Filmmaker in the World, Frank Spellman (1922-2017), Bushuev, 7,232 Miles Away From Mexico City, Split Style Classics in 1954, Podolsk, August 1963, Antwerp 1937, and more at LiftUp @ Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski

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