The Champions of the 1967 Spartakiade


History in Color:
The lineup of the winners of gold medals of the 1967 USSR Spartakiade.

Left to right:
Nikolay Nogaytsev (67.5kg, Dynamo, Moscow), Erkin Karimov (60kg, Burevestnik, Tashkent), Victor Kurentsov (75kg, Army, Khabarovsk), Boris Selitsky (82.5kg, Lokomotiv, Leningrad), Yury Yablonovsky (102.5kg, Avangard, Lugansk), Leonid Zhabotinsky (102.5kg+, Army Zaporozhye)
Note: Alexey Vakhonin (56kg) and Jaan Talts (90kg) are not present in the photo.

1967 Spartakiad of the USSR
Official Part of the IV SPARTAKIADE of the USSR
7/27/1967 – 8/3/1967
Host: Moscow, Russia Arena: Shakhter Sports Hall
Number of Athletes: 303
Main Referee: V. Simakov Secretary: B. Laneev


Weight Class Name Total (kg)
56 Bantamweight Alexey VAKHONIN, Trud  Shakhty 345
60 Featherweight Erkin KARIMOV, Burevestnik  Tashkent 370
67.5 Lightweight Nikolay NOGAYTSEV, Dynamo  Moscow 405
75 Middleweight Viktor KURENSTOV, Army  Khabarovsk 445
82.5 Light Heavyweight Boris SELITSKY, Lokomotiv  Leningrad 462.5
90 Middle Heavyweight Jaan TALTS, Jiud  Tallinn 502.5
102.5 Heavyweight Yury YABLONOVSKY, Avangard  Lugansk 492.5
102.5+ Super Heavyweight Leonid ZHABOTINSKY, Army  Zaporozhie 585

Note: To view a complete list of the winners in the weight classes above,
please follow the link associated with the weight class.

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