Middle Heavyweights CCCP in 1967


History in Color: Introduction of contenders in the 90kg class at the 1967 USSR Spartakiade in Moscow.

Left to right:
Anatoly Prits (Belorussia), Eduard Mkrtumyan (Lithuania), N/A, Eduard Brovko (Ukraine), Аnatoly Kalenichenko (Russia), Alexander Kidyaev (Ukraine), Alexander Kasyanov (Leningrad), Viktor Lyakh (Russia), Yury Rascheskin (Uzbekistan), N/A, Jaan Talts (Estonia)

1967 Summer Spartakiad of the USSR
Location: Moscow Russia
Weight Class: Middle Heavyweight  [90 kg]

More Info On the 1967 Summer Spartakiad of the USSR

Rank Athlete Results (kg)
1 Jaan  TALTS, Jiud  Tallinn 502.5 = 160+150+192.5
2 Anatoly  KALENICHENKO, Dynamo  Volgograd 482.5 = 150+145+187.5
3 Alexander  KIDYAEV, Avangard  Lugansk 475 = 150+142.5+182.5
4 Viktor  LYAKH, Army  Rostov 470 = 157.5+135+177.5
5 Alexander  KASYANOV, Lokomotiv  Leningrad 467.5 = 147.5+145+175
6 Karl  PUMPURINS, Dynamo  Riga 465 = 160+135+170


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