These Are Difficult Times

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2 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    I think that if the sport of weightlifting is to have a future in the western countries, the lifts should be split apart, giving medals in the snatch and clean & jerk, and the total to be forgotten. Its like making competitors train for both the shot and discus, and adding the total distances to determine the champion. Its so much work that the genetic supermen of the west who are absorbed in the pro sports could never devote the time into it. If however, they concentrated all of their weight-training efforts into just one of the Olympic lifts, many of these guys would soon find out that they had the ability to achieve international results….my opinion.

    • achidlovski says:

      Great thoughts, Peter! Something definitely needs to be done or re-adjusted in this sport to fit into the reality of today’s world.

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