Happy Birthday, Dr. Peter George!

On June 29 this year legendary Olympic weightlifter, brilliant and remarkable Dr. Peter George turns 88.

Peter George was one of the most successful and decorated lifters of the first post World War II decade. He won the gold medal at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki and received silver medals at the Olympics in London in 1948 and in Melbourne in 1956. He won the World title in in 1947, 1951, 1953, 1954 and 1055. He brought home to the United States the gold medals 0f the Pan American Games in 1951 and 1955 and set 4 world records through his career in weightlifting.

The career track and results of Peter George are certainly very impressive. But it’s only a part of the life story that makes him a true legend of this sport. His presence on the platform, immaculate mental preparedness for any challenge on the weightlifting platform and being a part of the classiest weightlifting team that dominated the world of weightlifting at the time.

Peter George had written his name on the same page as Tommy Kono, Norbert Schemansky, John Davis, Stanley Stanczyk… Each name deserves a book within a history book. And Peter George was one of the classiest acts among the legends.

On June 29 Peter George will be 88. He had a brilliant career in sports, outstanding career as an orthodontist after retiring from sports and now lives in sunny Honolulu in Hawaii.

On behalf of the Lift Up project and weightlifting community from all over the world, Happy Birthday, Dr. Peter George!

I am stepping down from my soap box podium… Please feel free to add comments and birthday wishes and memories in the comments section below.



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23 Responses

  1. Robert Kabbas says:

    Many happy returns, Dr George. Your feats and sportsmanship have inspired a generation of weightlifters (including me!)
    With best wishes and regards
    Robert Kabbas

  2. Geoff Fleming says:

    All the best to one of the greats! Great style, great strength and great class.

  3. Gogi Gurgenyan says:


    • achidlovski says:

      Congrats from all weightlifters of the Soviet Union. He has a very kind and noble appearance. People like this live long and happy!
      Note from me: Gogi Gurgenyan is a well-known photographer of Olympic weightlifting. His portfolio includes nearly 10,000 photos of Soviet and international lifters from 1950s to 1990s,

  4. Csaba Veres says:

    Best regards, sir, on behalf of my father Veres Győző (who is no longer with us).

    Csaba Veres

  5. Karel Prohl says:

    Pevné zdraví do dalších let přejí vzpěrači České republiky.

    • achidlovski says:

      Great health in the years to come is being wished to you by Olympic weightlifters of the Czech Republic!

  6. Bill Kane says:

    Happy Birthday to my boyhood hero and one of all-time greats of Olympic Lifters!

    • Kaarlo Olavi Kangasniemi-Champion of the Olympic Games Mexico-68 says:

      Our best wishes on Birthday!
      Marina ja Kaarlo Kangasniemi (Finland)

  7. Victor Rosenberg says:

    Happy Birthday from Victor Rosenberg–your fellow Kent State alumnus.

  8. Alexander Popov says:

    Happy Birthday!

  9. Alexander Muravyev says:

    Happy Bithday!

  10. Anatoly Glazunov says:

    Happy Birthday, Dr. George!

  11. Alexey Savchenko says:


  12. Leonid Pavlyuk says:

    Happy Birthday from Angarsk, Russia!

  13. Igor Maltsev says:

    Best wishes to the legend!

  14. Sergey Pankevich says:

    Best wishes!!!

  15. Sergey Ajrapetov says:


  16. Oleg Zajarny says:

    Happy Birthday and many years to come!

  17. Rudolf Gotfrid says:

    Respect and Happy Birthday!

  18. Rasim Zijatkhanov says:

    Best wishes!

  19. eberhard rolf says:

    Für Pete George alles Gute u. Gesundheit.
    Eine Legende der USA Gewichtheber Zeit. 50 er Jahren.
    Rolf u. Cristina Schweiz

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