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This section of the site presents selected articles, interviews, presentations and research studies related to various aspects Olympic Weightlifting.


Lift Up Blog (English)

Imre Foldi (1938-2017), Training in 1956, Vakhonin, Vyacheslav Andreev: World Record in 1979, Saxonov, Vasily Stepanov, Resting in Vienna (1961), Tommy Kono in Budapest (1962), Two Champs of Tokyo 1964, The Night of Three World Records by Yurik VardanyanTeam CCCP Weightlifting (1957), Selitsky, Arnold Golubovich, Kolesnikov, Training in Tbilisi, Split Style Clean in Munich 1955, Muscles From Moscow, New WR: 217 Kilos Snatch, No Light Lifting At the World Championships, Karlis Pumpurins of Latvia, Coaches and Athletes: Yurik Sarkisyan and His Champions, Rigert In Training, Vladimir Anikin of Riga, Latvia, Athletes and Coaches: Rakhmanov and Brovko, Incline Press by Louis Martin, From Here To Eternity, Coaches and Athletes: Freifeld and Ivanchenko, Legend of the Middleweight, Pavel Kuznetsov, Team Europe 1975, Kaplunov, Dave Ashman (USA), the First To Clean-and-jerk 200 Kilos, Rookie Lifter To Remember (1959), Valery Shary in 1973, Joe Di Pietro, Magnificent Seven From Hungary, Dave Sheppard, Kurynov, Ivan Abadzhiev (1932-2017), Alexander Kidyaev, Imre Foldi, Coaches and Athletes: Itkin and Osmanaliev, Mighty Voronin, Articles in English / Photography / Sports History, Kolotov (1971), Zhabotinsky In the Training Gym, David Rigert is 70, Training Hall in 1970, Bob Hoffman and Team USA (1958), Igor Rybak, Coaches and Athletes: Plyukfelder and Rigert, Meet the Press in 1964, Rigert in 1975, Boris Pavlov, Valery Shary In the Late 1960s, Alym Achichaev, Bob Bednarski: The 8th Wonder of the World, Six World Records In One Night, Befriended In Rome, Coaches and Athletes: Bogdasarov and Vlasov, Red Army: Olympic Weightlifting, Team USA Weightlifting (1948), Mr. Little Giant of the Flyweight, Blast From the Past, Soviet Finest in Montreal (1976), Hop Hop Hop, Yurik Vardanyan (1979), Kirzhinov, Jingkai Chen (China), Poltoratsky, The Sots Press, Kaarlo Kangasniemi in Mexico City, Medvedev and Yenaldiev, Spartakiada 1979, Plyukfelder, World Record In 1962, Plyukfelder, Nosseir, Good Old Olympic Weightlifting High Pulls, In the Middleweight, Heavy Squats by Marchuk (1980s), Pride of Estonia, These Are Difficult Times, Russ Prior (Canada, 1949-2017) , The Best of Georgia, David Rigert: In the Gym, Yakubovsky, Legends of Egypt, Vorobyev, Rakhmanov, Training Camp in Dzintare (1950), Hot in Lima in 1971, Bulgarian Training and Bulgarian Championships, Atanas Kirov (1946-2017), Team USA In York, PA (1952), Weightlifting Poster Athlete, Training Hard In 1946, Snatch Lift by Vasily Alexeev, Medvedev, Isaac Berger, Rusev, Rigert, Abadzhiev, Dynnikov, Ryzhenkov, Here Goes the New World Record In Paris!, Lift Up: Olympic Weightlifting History In Color, Ivanchenko, Casual Conversation Between the Training Lifts in Rome, The Back of A Weightlifter, Old Photo From Joe Dube, Yevgeny Sypko (1963-2017), Always Ready For the Challenge, Lomakin, The Strongest Filmmaker in the World, Frank Spellman (1922-2017), Bushuev, 7,232 Miles Away From Mexico City, Split Style Classics in 1954, Podolsk, August 1963, Antwerp 1937

Happy New Year 2017 To All!, Database Heavy, Two Generations of Heavyweights, First Time in Paris, Before Montreal 1976, Parade of Champions in 1962, Pioneers of Soviet Weightlifting, Strong in 1973, Forgotten Tournament of 1967, Where In the World is Bulgarian Olympic Weightlifting?, Ready To Go To the World Championship, Beware Retest, Russian and American Friendly and Happy in Paris, From the Founders of the Soviet Sports, Soviet Students in Berlin, 1951, Lift Up: What's Next?, The Voice of Olympic Weightlifting, 1979, What Happens In Russia Stays In Russia: Power Play, Norbert Schemansky: Olympic Honors, Norbert "Norb" Schemansky (1924-2016), What Happens in Russia Stays in Russia: On the Cutting Edge, Marchuk, Batishchev, Our Prayers And Thoughts Are With Norbert Schemansky Now, Mr. Weightlifting, What Happens In Russia Stays In Russia. Not Always., There Is Much More To Weightlifting Than Only Doping, My Type of Legend, Teamsters In the 1970s, Modern Call To Respect the Past, Weightlifting Controversies of the Past, Doping and Me, Crime and Punishment: The WADA-Related Disqualifications In Olympic Weightlifting, Records Dedicated To the Leader, Three Attempts At 245KG by Behdad Salimi in Rio 2016 , Tamas Ajan: Olympic Weightlifting Prospective For Tokyo-2020, The Night of the Super Heavyweight World Records, Love From Lydia Valentin Perez, Kiss From Brazil, Full House in Riocentro, Weightlifting Hipster Style, Weightlifting Acrobatics, Golden Oscar, Weightlifting Tournament of Eight Banned Athletes, Familiar Faces in Rio: George Asanidze, Sajjad Anoushiravani, Nicu Vlad, Vencelas Dabaya, Denis Gotfrid, Georgian Night in Rio, Olympic Champion From Georgia, Heavyweight Medal Winners in Rio, The Strongest Women In the World, Second Weightlifting Gold Medal For Iran, Medals For Ladies In Weightlifting, World Record in Rio, World Record in Moscow, Weightlifting Hall in Rio, Enough, Russian Weightlifters at the Olympics: The First Gold Meal. The Last Gold Medal., Sweet Dreams, Good Old Memories, For Those Who Couldn't Go To Rio, Breaking News and Scandals, Go To Rio And Stay Away From Drugs!, Weightlifting Outlook For Russia In Rio, Super Heavyweights, Rio 2016: Moscow Countdown, Special Flight to Rio-2016, Hyperextensions, Open Letter to the IOC by Gorbachev, To Train or Not To Train, Blast From the Past, Thinking of Rio and #RussianDoping Scandal, Photographic Memory, 110 Plus in 1980,

Requiem For A Heavyweight: Visual Retrospective, The Joy of Weightlifting, Ms. Rim Jong Sim: The Lifter, New World Record: 264kg/582lb by Alex Lovchev, Russia, Great Effort. Bad Lift., Celebrating the Big Lift, Will Yellow Rose Of Texas Grow In Russia?, Portraits of Supers by Arkady Vorobyev, Houston, Iíve got the world in my window, In the Old Gym, 2015 Pan-American Games, Lift Up: Before and After, Norbert Shemansky: Celebration of the 91st Birthday, and more at LiftUp @ Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski





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Olympic Weightlifting Blog (Russian)

It Is Time To Learn Chinese, What did David Rigert say to his team after the WC 2009?, New world records, The Strongest Woman In the World, Fabulous Podobedova, The Sport of the Communists, Uncle Sasha, Kashpirovsky, 40-Years Long Distance , Numer Uno, Weightlifting Ads, In Memory Of Bogdasarov, Legends and Myths, Olympic Flag Bearers, Sad News From Poland, Baszanowski Turns 74, Team of Our Youth, Time of Scandals, and more at