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1/16/2016 G.H. MASSIHA, Lafayette, LA, USA  

Here is a great ho video from 1964 Olympics featuring top three finishers in each weight catagory. Please watch Novak 3rd place finisher in 60kg at about 3:45. You will get a kick out of that ;)

12/30/2015 Denis, Moscow, Russia
This is not Vasil Vanev, but Zlatan

10/8/2015 Arthur Chidlovski, Winthrop, MA, USA  

Special thanks to Mr. Pete Kravtsov for all the priceless info and details on legendary athletes that he submitted to Lift Up!!!!

5/13/2015 Alexander Petrov, Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia  

Поздравляю Норберта! Его многие знают в России и помнят его замечательные спортивные достижения! Желаю крепкого здоровья, долгих и интересных лет жизни!

5/11/2015 KAREN KETOVER, Sanford, MI, USA  

Norbert Schemansky is turning 91 on May 30th. It's short notice but I would love to have birthday greetings sent to him.

I guess you could email me & I'll print them out for him. Or I could send you my home address.

I'm very proud of this man.

2/22/2015 Denis, Russia  

Unfortunately I have no information about A. Kazaryan's first name. There's a film about 1987 USSR Championships (about tactics), I just watched it and found out G. Kazaryan's first name.
Other facts from the film say that there's a mistake here:
Leonid Taranenko won with 472.5 = 207.5 + 265.5, unofficial world record in the c&j, which he made official later that year in Ostrava.

2/5/2015 arthur chidlovski, boston, ma, usa  

Thanks, Denis! The name has been updated. Do you happen to know the first name of A. Kazaryan @

2/3/2015 Denis, Russia
This athlete's name is Garnik

1/23/2015 Денис/Denis, Russia/Россия  

Yes, I saw this note about the last update, and it's definitely what I'm speaking about: the lists surely need new updates!

1/17/2015 Arthur Chidlovski, USA  

The ALL-TIME TOP LISTS (200-250-450) have been posted in 2004 and last updated in 2009. It is noted in the article. Thanks.