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8/18/2016 Arthur Chidlovski, Boston, MA, USA  

Thanks, Victor! I talked to them @ NYT a few days ago but haven't seen the article yet! Googled for it and it is a good research and infographics. Love to be mentioned with Lift Up too, of course :-)

8/16/2016 VICTOR ROSENBERG, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA  

Congratulations to Arthur and his website for being acknowledged in yesterday's New York Times for providing pictures of several weightlifters.

If I may add a question: What exactly were all of those leg wraps and/or straps that Lely Burgos was wearing in the Olympics?

8/10/2016 Arthur Chidlovski, Boston, MA, usa  

Just wanted to add this update on Mr. Norbert Shemansky health from Mr. Stephen Petro, flat rock mi, USA:
grandpa schemansky is not doing the best with health at this time 92 years old and is in 24 hour care please send prayers for the norbert schemansky thanks

7/31/2016 Arthur Chidlovski, Boston, MA, USA

In the last few days, Lift Up and other web sites were down due to technical difficulties and turbulence on the hosting side of our services. We are still working on fixing the turbulence issues. Our sincere apologies for the downtime!

6/26/2016 WALTER SPRICH, Eichstetten, Deutschland, Baden  

Very good site, thanks for this.
Olympic games 2000, Super Heavyweight, 3. Place:
Picture is NOT Andrey Chemerkin, this lifters
Name is Danielyan, Ashot

6/4/2016 KAREN ASRIYAN, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine  

Thank You, Mr. Chidlovski, for this wonderfull site!

1/16/2016 G.H. MASSIHA, Lafayette, LA, USA  

Here is a great ho video from 1964 Olympics featuring top three finishers in each weight catagory. Please watch Novak 3rd place finisher in 60kg at about 3:45. You will get a kick out of that ;)

12/30/2015 Denis, Moscow, Russia
This is not Vasil Vanev, but Zlatan

10/8/2015 Arthur Chidlovski, Winthrop, MA, USA  

Special thanks to Mr. Pete Kravtsov for all the priceless info and details on legendary athletes that he submitted to Lift Up!!!!

5/13/2015 Alexander Petrov, Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia  

Поздравляю Норберта! Его многие знают в России и помнят его замечательные спортивные достижения! Желаю крепкого здоровья, долгих и интересных лет жизни!