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6/16/2020 Deb, MiAMI, FL, USA  

Is it possible to edit a post I made many years ago? Can I contact you by phone?

Thank you.

3/22/2020 MALCOLM IRWIN, Upper Kedron, QLD, AU  

Lift- Up is great for reviewing the history of Weightlifting during lock-down. Trusting all lifters wash their hands with soap between lifts and stay well. This is a sport where social distancing is easy to achieve.

10/23/2019 ROBERT KABBAS, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  

MIKE PEARMAN: Hi Mike, glad to hear you're still going strong! World Championships 1966 East Berlin: Lightheavyweight (82.5kg) category 10th place - 417.5kg (132.5+122.5+162.5). Regards, Robert.

8/19/2019 MIKE PEARMAN , London , Middlesex , U k  

Hi can anyone tell me what was my results and place in the light heavy weight class at the world championships 1966 still coaching at Brunel weightlifting club London England 1962 was my first world championships 1975 my last wonderful memories. Mike Pearman

8/29/2018 ARTHUR CHIDLOVSKI, Boston, MA, US  

new server is being tested

6/27/2018 VILMOS ZOLLER, Budapest, Hungary  

Hi Arthur,
thank you very much for publishing my 'Anderson Club' .

I have a better, actualized version. If you need it, give me an address, where I can send it.

Best regards,

5/24/2018 VICTOR ROSENBERG, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA  

Arthur--I learned a couple of things about you when I looked up what the previous poster wrote. I wish you good health. The other thing is your hockey expertise, which leads me to a question. In the end credits of the documentary 'Red Army' I saw that among those given special thanks are Isaac Berger and Lauren Berger. Is this the great weightlifter and a relative or a different Isaac Berger? If it's the weightlifter, what was his connection to Soviet hockey?

4/6/2018 ARTHUR CHIDLOVSKI, Boston, MA, USA  

Thanks so much for your kind words, Kevin! I really appreciate it. I didn't mean to sound pathetic with the article - just wanted to be honest and transparent. But... Hey, I am not gone yet. I just need to take a better care of myself and learn how to deal with it under the circumstances. Best to you and many thanks for your support.

4/5/2018 KEVIN ST. JOHN, Rochester, NY, US  

I just read about you and the Walrus. I am very sad to hear your news.This blog has been a wonderful opportunity for me to learn more about the Soviet lifters that I admired as well as others. It also has allowed me to share with others my meager experiences and thoughts about weightlifting. Thank you for your contribution to this great sport and to those who love it as you do. I will have you in my prayers each day.

1/11/2018 RONALD JOHNS, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada  

I haven't heard anything about the new Olympic weightlifting classes?