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1/20/2014 BORIS SEREGIN, Тула, Россия, Россия  

Помогите найти мое выступление на чемпионате мира 1986 года в Софии. Выступал в весе до 100 кг.

11/22/2013 Arthur Chidlovski, Boston, MA, USA

Dear Mr. Sina:

Thanks for your kind words about the site. In terms, of your questions... Yes, there are plans to add new tournaments to the site and Junior World Championships are on this list. I am also looking for data on the Friendship Cups (Kubok Druzhby) but so far I wasn't very successful with obtaining the data. Any input on this will be greatly appreciated.

And, of course, help on duplicates listing of Iranian athletes will be helpful.



11/22/2013 Arthur Chidlovski, Boston, MA, USA

Dear Mr. Massiha:

Thanks so much for your kind words and support of the Lift Up project. Its being much appreciated. As for the IWF site, they are not connected to the Lift Up. I tried to contact them on numerous occasion but got no response. Oh, well - its a huge task to support online the federation and cover all ongoing events.



11/22/2013 Sina, Vancouver, Canada  

Hi Arthur,

this is a great site,wonderful.Thanks a lot.

Some competition like world junior champion or world universidad have not been captured in the you have any plan for that?

And second some of the Iranian names you recorded are duplicate .it would be great if I can be a help for you to remove the duplicates.

11/17/2013 G.H. MASSIHA, Lafayette, LA, USA  

Dear Mr. Chidlovski:

It seems IWF official site lacking all the wonderful information/data you have on old lifters and championship results. Perhaps you can talk to them and they can use copy of your data in their web site as well. Think about it your wonderful work will live long after we all are gone hopefully after living 100 years :)

10/24/2013 THOMAS CURRAN, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  

According to an obituary in the Washington Post of October 13, 2013, Jim Bradford died on September 13, 2013, at the age of 84. Cause of death was congestive heart failure.

10/6/2013 JAMES FULLER, Hallowell, Maine, U.S.A.  

I am unable to e-mail you so I'll ask my question here. Was there a time in Weightlifting history that the Two Arm Snatch was required to be done with a narrow grip? I've seen some older pictures stating that it is the end of the Snatch lift but the grip is narrow. An older article I read talks of how a lifter could now use a wider grip. The article was early 1947. Any information you have would be a big help. Thanks. My E-mail:

7/11/2013 MICHAEL KHISHCHENKO, Pittsford, NY, US  

Dear Mr. Chidlowski

I am a former weight lifter from the Soviet Union and trained in 1969-1970 in Riga, capital of Latvia. Latvia had a great weight lifting team in the early seventies: G.Ivanchenko, A.Dinnikov,K.Pumpurins to name a few dominated in their respective weight lifting categories not only in the former USSR but on the world weight lifting arena as well.
Originally I am from Estonia and trained in Tallinn where I used to know J.Talts and K.Utsar
I would like to thank you for this website that is dear to my heart and brings back a lot of memories.

Kind regards and best wishes to you.
You can contact me via my email

Thank you

6/20/2013 KEVIN M, San Fernando Valley, CA, USA  

I'm primarily a Powerlifter but enjoy watching the speed and agility of Olympic Lifting, and this site is most EXCELLENT! I love this site as there is not a ton of OLing info and its history out there, brings me back to when I was a teen and watched (in awe) Rigert and Alexeev on TV at the Olympics. Arthur, please continue to make this a top quality home for OLing information!

I also enjoy Strongman, where a few Olympic lifters have made the crossover and been successful.

A shout out to Peter at, your site is outstanding as well, keep up the fine work!


Thank you for this awesome resource!!!! I love the historical take on all the weightlifters, past records, etc.. Do you ever accept guest posts?