Ageless Champion Fred Lowe (USA)

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6 Responses

  1. Fred Lowe says:

    Arthur – thank you for the kind words. It is always nice to be appreciated for your accomplishments in this endeavor by those with knowledge of the sport. I am blessed to now be able to be an educator for those aspiring to learn the movements of this discipline. Again, many thanks to you and your efforts to educate those coming into the sport as to what came before.

    • achidlovski says:

      Hi, Fred! I am honored to hear your comment. I used to look at your lifting photos for hours. So precise and beautiful and sharp! Now it’s my time to share with the others – there is no present without the past and there is no future without the present. It’s all connected. It’s all a big picture of the best sports ever.

  2. Geoffrey Fleming says:

    Great photo and great lifter. Even more amazing is his near miss with the world record C&J in 1968…184kg. Successful clean but a missed jerk. The only lifter who came near Viktor Kurentsov’s record at that time.

    • achidlovski says:

      A while ago great U.S. super heavyweight Joe Dube referred to Fred Lowe as a “Little Bear”. Was it Fred’s nickname?

      • Dresdin Archibald says:

        Not quite. Fred was known as `Sugar Bear` due to his vague resemblance to a stocky cartoon bear used on Post Sugar Crisp cereal boxes.

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