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The Nightmare No-Lift

History in Color Series: October 21, 1964 (Tokyo, Japan) – In his last attempt at the 1964 Summer Olympics, Olympic champion Yury Vlasov goes for 217.5kg in the clean-and-jerk. It’s a world record at the...

Vakhonin (1963)


From the History in Color series: Alexey Vakhonin of Kiselevsk, Russia competes in the bantamweight class at the 1963 Cup of Moscow. In a year, Vakhonin will win the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in...



The cover photo from our History in Color Series, features a portrait of Nikolay Saxonov (1923-2011), champion of the World, Europe, USSR and author of seven world records. Nilolay Saxonov is a true legend...