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  1. Andrew Hutchinson says:


    My name is Andrew Hutchinson and I am a sports journalist from Arkansas in the United States.

    I am also a huge sports nerd, especially when it comes to sports and how they connect to things beyond the sports world – history, politics, etc.

    Well, the other day, I was at an antique shop and an old hockey puck caught my eye. It had foreign words on it and they appear to me to be Russian. I was able to Google the top word, “Sovintersport,” and found that it was some sort of Soviet sports authority. I wasn’t unable to Google the bottom word, though, because it has a non-English letter in it.

    I have attached a photo of the puck and would love to know if you could not only translate what it says, but maybe also give me some sort of background on it. I am hoping it’s from the Soviet Union because that would be really cool and make it a nice conversation piece. (If not, it’s okay – I paid only $2 for it!)

    When I was searching for a “Soviet Union/Russia sports expert,” your name was the first one to pop up, so I figure you’re the guy to ask. I’d greatly appreciate any help you can give!


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