Category: Sports History


Victor Sots

History in Color Series: Victor Sots (b. 1958) of Donetsk, Ukraine, USSR is completing the clean-and-jerk lift. Victor Sots was one of the strongest lifters in the 100kg class in the early 1980s. He won...



History in Color: 18-year old Yury Zakharevich competes at his first national championship. The original photo was taken during the 1981 USSR Championship in Novosibirsk, Russia. Zakharevich competed in the 90kg class and took...

Naim at 16

Pocket Hercules at 16

16-year old Olympic weightlifter Naim Suleymanov of Bulgaria is training for the 1984 European Championship in Vittorio, Spain.  Left to right: Neno Terziysky (52kg), Nedelcho Kolev and Norair Nurikyan are observing the training session of...



History in Color Series: Gennady Chetin of Perm, Russia is completing the 110kg snatch lift in the 56kg class at the 1971 USSR Spatakiad Games in Moscow Gennady Chetin (1943-2002) competed in the bantamweight class....

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