Olympics, Weightlifting and Stamps: Centennial Edition from the Maldives

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3 Responses

  1. Malcolm Irwin says:

    Alexeev and Zlatev correct? Who of these competed in 1996?

  2. Kevin St. John says:

    First row needs to have the captions changed reversed on the first two photos. Second row Kurlovich listed as a 110kg not a Super. picture looks nothing like him. Picture for Zlatev does look Bulgarian but not llike Zlatev. third row has Vardanian listed as 110kg not 82.5. Picture looks more like Yuri Zabriki of Czechoslovakia. Both Rokmanov and Alexeev are recognizable but not very accurate. The artist also credits Russia not USSR country for the Soviet lifters.

  3. achidlovski says:

    ok. for whatever it’s worth, here is my list of mix-ups on these 9 stamps:

    1. Top row stamp 1:
    On the Yanko Rusev stamp picture of Peter Baczako
    2. Top row stamp 2:
    On the Peter Baczako stamp picture of Yanko Rusеv
    3. 2nd row stamp 1:
    Picture of Vardanyan is listed as Alexander Kurlovich
    4. 2nd row stamp 1:
    Alexander Kurlovich is listed as “1988 Heavyweight”
    He was a Super Heavyweight and won the Olympics in 1988 and 1992
    5. 3rd row stamp 1:
    Picture of Kurlovich is listed as Yurik Vardanyan.
    6. 3rd row stamp 1:
    Yurik Vardanyan is listed as “1980 Heavyweight”
    He was “1980 Light Heavyweight”
    7. 3rd row stamp 3:
    Vasily Alexeev is listed as “1972 Super Heavyweight”
    He won the Olympics in 1972 and 1976
    8. This is a tricky correction…
    Taranenko, Vardanyan, Kurlovich, Rakhmanov, Alexeev are listed as “Russia”. Well, not sure it works for official stamps. They competed for the USSR, CIS or after the collapse of the USSR for their countries respectively. I’d say this had to be worded differently…

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