Legendary Rudolf Plukfelder: Now and Then


History in Color: R. Plyukfelder

Plyukfelder owl-1963 rigert-plyukfelder plukfelder_1959 owl-plukfelder-train owl-teamcccp-1964  sov-frg plyukfelder-1958 ussr-1978 rvp-90

The History in Color cover photo features our color version of the black-and-white photo of legendary Olympic weightlifter and coach Rudolf Plukfelder back in 1959.

Rudolf Plukfelder is an Olympic champion (1964), 3x World Champion, 3x European Champion, 6x USSR Champion, 2x USSR Spartakiad Champion, author of 8 World records.

As a coach he prepared legendary Olympic champions and  founded a world famous training school in Shakhty, Russia.

Rudolf Plukfelder is 90 now and lives in Germany. Recently, Dmitry Klokov visited Plyukfelder and interviewed him for his YouTube channel. The interview (in Russian, see full sub podcast below) is very interesting.

It’s truly amazing to see how active and strong Rudolf Plukfelder is at 90.

He talks about his experience as an athlete and coach, about his training methods, about training Olympic champions David Rigert, Nikolay Kolesnikov, Vasily Alexeev, about working with Arkady Vorobyev, Igor Kudykov  and more.

It’s absolutely fascinating to see how 90-year old Olympic champion of Tokyo (1964) does squats with 100kg 10 times (!!!), does push-ups and running routines.

VIDEO: НА РАВНЫХ LIFE с Дмитрием Клоковым / ПЛЮКФЕЛЬДЕР Рудольф Владимирович

Interview with Rudolf Plyukfelder

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