Weightlifting Tournament of Eight Banned Athletes

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  1. Artur, the Russian weightlifting is not in a mess. The IOC is, the most corrupted organization in the World. The Russian weightlifting is no different than the Chinese or Colombian or KazakhstanIan or South Korean, and so on, where the Olympic weightlifting is a professional sport. I was in shock, after seeing a program on HBO, where four investigative reporters revealed the people and their background on the executive board of the IOC. There were people with criminal background, advisors to dictators, and millions of dollars going to them, through different channels, in exchange for their votes. IOC is in line with the US anti Russian politics, otherwise the big US corporations may reconsider sponsoring IOC.

    • achidlovski says:

      Big mess for Russian weightlifting is rather about how much needs to be done in the upcoming years. I think the damage to the reputation has been done and the problem is how to climb back from the this fall. The IOC and all federations certainly lost their image of the ones “able to walk on the water”. Rather, money talks and IOC walks 🙂 But they are the decision makers.
      I do take the sentiment on PEDs with a grain of salt considering… but tampering with the samples, involving KGB/FSB into this is a way overboard. Too much if true. In the old times, these guys were working on stealing nuclear blueprints. Now, the target is WADA samples! Come on – it’s a mess, IMHO.

      • Arthur, tampering with the samples is a different subject. That was at Sochy winter games. There is no evidence at all that the FSB has been involved in tampering samples for the Russian weightlifting. As I said, Russian weightlifting is no different than many other countries where the Olympic weightlifting is a professional sport. Yes, they have lifters that got caught, but give me a country that never had a lifter caught, at least I don’t know any.

        • achidlovski says:

          Well, formally it wasn’t the IOC that banned Russian weightlifters but the federation (IWF).
          I wasn’t closely following the rules and agreements but it was something like 3 positives and they found those along with the other nations too :-(. So, they had a formal reason to disqualify Russian lifters.
          They didn’t do it for other teams. As well as the rule for Russians not allowing athletes with previous WADA history to go to Rio. I agree that it sounds discriminatory – other nationals might have had suspensions before but they are cleared to go. Crazy! But Russia was picked as the biggest doping violator of WADA rules based on their stats and the fact that it was a state sponsored program for PEDs. Alexander, I refer to what IOC says. It doesn’t mean that I agree. And it also doesn’t matter. They just picked Russia this time. Before it was Bulgaria. Tomorrow it might be Kazakhstan or Belarus. Will it make Russians feel better if they ban other teams? orban the whole weightlifting from the program? I don’t know. Hope not. That’s a question for Ajan and the IFC.
          I tried in my reply to define the term “mess” I used in the article. It was mostly a reference to the crisis and how to get out of it. Not just the drugs and how to deal with them and that Russia isn’t the only nation that using those. But the politics, changes in the upcoming governance of the sport, development of Olympic disciplines in “new Russia”.

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