Norbert Schemansky: Olympic Honors


Norbert Schemansky is no longer with us. He died last night.

He is no longer with us and he will always be with us.

There are videos, photos, stories told by those who knew the legend of Olympic weightlifting.

And there are stats of his heroic lifting at four Summer Olympics. He won meals at four Olympics – one gold medal (1952), silver medal (1948) and two bronze medals (1960 and 1964) . He missed the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne because of the injury.

It’s interesting that unlike at the world championships, weightlifters don’t get medals in each lift at the Olympics. Just in the total. The officials do announce the winners in the snatch and the clean-and-jerk but no medals awarded. Perhaps, the Olympic silverware is too expensive to award it to all winners.

Anyway, here are some stats how many first, second and third places Norbert Schemansky collected for Team USA.

Norbert Schemansky: Summer Olympics Results

Year City Age Bodyweight Press Place Snatch Place CJ Place Total Place
1948 London 24 92.61 122.5 3 132.5 2 170 2 425 2
1952 Helsinki 28 90 127.5 2 140 1 177.5 1 445 1
1960 Rome 36 108.7 170 3 150 2 180 3 500 3
1964 Tokyo 42 120.9 180 3 165 3 192.5 2 537.5 3

Norbert Schemansky: Medal Counter

Medal/Place Official Unofficial
Gold/1 1 3
Silver/2 1 6
Bronze/3 2 7
 Total: 4 16

Just some stats while remembering Great Norbert Schemansky.






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