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Our Sisters

Two sisters. Daphnea and Beatrice. When we brought them to the new vet clinic recently, the doctor entered them into their database as Daphnea – 12 y.o., Beatrice – 2 y.o. Oh well, they...


On the Trains

So far, the snow storms in Boston were a disaster. The MBTA totally failed the test of winter weather this year. Delays on the trains, cancellations of commuter lines… Having National Guards cleaning the...


Snow and MBTA

Commute to work took me over 2 hours. The streets are not plowed. The buses are not running. The trains in the subway run with 30-40 minuted delay. Then, the door on the train...


After the Battle

And so the battle began… A few hours of labor… Snow blowers making their way through mountains of snow. Snow shovels making final touch-ups. And here we are… Despite pain in our backs, frozen...


Winter On the Island

Winter this year brought us alot of snow, wind and all kind of blizzards. With all this happenings, between the snowfalls and snow shoveling, there were beautiful sunny days too. One of these days...

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