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One of the strongest middleweight lifters of the 1960s, Alexander Kurynov performs clean-and-jerk lift in training. Kurynov won the Olympic gold medal when he managed to win over the legendary Tommy Kono of Team...


Petr Korol

Petr Korol (1941-2015) of Lvov, Ukraine performs clean and jerk lift at the 1973 USSR National Championship in Donetsk. He won the silver medal with 317.5kg total (135+182.5) in the 75kg weight category. Three...

Imre Foldi

Imre Foldi

One of the best Olympic weightlifters of all times, Imre Foldi was the first Hungarian to win the Olympics in this sport. Despite of a physical disability, Imre Foldi competed at five Summer Olympics...


Mighty Voronin

He was only 142 cm tall. 4′ 7″, if you are not comfortable with centimeters. But he was a little strongman with unmatched dedication and will to become a champion. Alexander Voronin (1951-1992) was an outstanding flyweight...

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