Небольшая подборка фотографий использующих технику “tilt shift”.

В ресультате фокусировки и движения камеры, получается вот такой эффект фотоминиатюрности, представленный на последующих фотографиях.



Road and Red Rock Tilt Shift by sciph

NYC Tilt Shift by Adam Bartman

Tilt Shift Train by Mr. Tom

Tilt Shift by Alexander Fernandes

Corfe Tilt Shift by Dan Meineck

Tokyo Tilt Shift by Kara So Kua

Tilt Shift Practice by Chad Connell

Sydney by Becky Enverite

Little Toys by Albino Tonnina

Little World by Bryan Solarski

It’s a Small World by Sascha Kuntze

Minimize Lisbon by Daniel Santo

Vatican Stairs by Toshio

Dover Tilt Shift by Mark Edwards

Tilt Shift Example

Tilt Shift Example

Oregon State Tilt Shift

Miniature Living Room by CountLazarus

Tilt Shift Photography by Luis Morgado

Little Lands by Jack Ambridge

Dirt Bikes by Wakeboy

Downtown LA by CFrancisco

Spiritual Altitudes by Deniz

Real Macro by deMiguel

Minimize Andora by Daniel Santo

Tilt Shift 2 by Richard Wisbey

Corfe Tilt Shift by Dan Meineck

Kid’s Store by Stevo Arnold

Clock Tower by Rolo Hauck


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  1. newrossiysk says:

    А что за движение камеры?

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