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Markin Rust

Total blast from the past… Listened to the Russian radio last night and the guest speaker was Vladimir Markin, the singer, producer, businessman, politician. I don’t know anything about the “businessnan anf politician” part....


Igor Rybak

Igor Rybak (1934-2005) of Kharkov, Ukraine was one of the first Soviet Olympic champions. He won the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne with a 380kg total (110+120+150) in the 67.5kg weightclass. In the same...

Rigert (1975)

Rigert in 1975

On the cover photo from the Lift Up: History in Color series, legendary David Rigert is preparing for the  210kg clean-and jerk lift at the 1975 World Championship in Moscow. I think the original black-and-white...