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USSR Championships

USSR Championships

1961 Championship
12/19/1961 - 12/22/1961
Host: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Arena: Ilyitch Culture Palace
Number of Athletes: 210
Main Referee: Y. Kutsenko Secretary: P. Akushev


Weight Class Name Total (kg)
52 Flyweight Arnold KHALFIN, Spartak  Lvov 297.5
56 Bantamweight Alexey VAKHONIN, Trud  Kis. 337.5
60 Featherweight Yevgeny MINAEV, Army  Moscow 365
67.5 Lightweight Sergey LOPATIN, Army  Moscow 405
75 Middleweight Mikhail KHOMCHENKO, Klg.  Rovno 425
82.5 Light Heavyweight Rudolf PLYUKFELDER, Trud  Shakhty 462.5
90 Middle Heavyweight Viktor LYAKH, Army  Rostov-Na-Donu 457.5
110 Heavyweight Robert SHEIERMAN, Army  Sverdlovsk 477.5
110+ Super Heavyweight Yury VLASOV, Army  Moscow 550

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