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USSR Championships

USSR Championships

1950 Championship
5/14/1950 - 5/16/1950
Host: Kharkov, Ukraine Arena: Dynamo Hall
Number of Athletes: 94
Main Referee: A. Bukharov Secretary: E. Zaitsev


Weight Class Name Total (kg)
56 Bantamweight Ivan UDODOV, Dynamo  Rostov-Na-Donu 297.5
60 Featherweight Yevgeny LOPATIN, Dynamo  Moscow 322.5
67.5 Lightweight Vladimir SVETILKO, Dynamo  Tbilisi 352.5
75 Middleweight Yury DUGANOV, Iskra  Leningrad 385
82.5 Light Heavyweight Arkady VOROBYEV, Army  Sverdlovsk 412.5
82.5+ Super Heavyweight Yakov KUTSENKO, Lokomotiv  Kiev 422.5

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