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World Championships from 1891 to Today

World Championships

1932 World Championship
Location: Los Angeles, USA


Weight Class   Name Total (kg)
60 Featherweight Raymond SUVIGNY, France 82.5+87.5+117.5 = 287.5
67.5 Lightweight Rene DUVERGER, France 97.5OR+102.5EOR+125 = 325EWR
75 Middleweight Rudolf ISMAYR, Germany 102.5+110OR+132.5 = 345WR
82.5 Light Heavyweight Louis HOSTIN, France 102.5OR+112.5EOR+150OR = 365EWR
82.5+ Super Heavyweight Jaroslav SKOBLA, Czechoslovakia 112.5+115+152.5OR = 380OR

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