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World Records since 1919

Lift Type: Total (Snatch + Clean and Jerk, KG)
Weight Class: Middleweight

World Records by Weight Class and Types of Lift

Year Location Nation    Athlete Result KG
1973 Donetsk Soviet Union Valentin MIKHAILOV, Soviet Union 327.5 
1973 Madrid Bulgaria Nedelcho KOLEV, Bulgaria 330 
1973 Havana Bulgaria Nedelcho KOLEV, Bulgaria 337.5 
1974 Verona Bulgaria Nedelcho KOLEV, Bulgaria 340 
1976 Karaganda Soviet Union Valery SMIRNOV, Soviet Union 342.5 
1976 Sofia Bulgaria Yordan MITKOV, Bulgaria 345 
1977 Rostov/Don Soviet Union Yurik VARDANYAN, Soviet Union 347.5 
1980 Varna Bulgaria Nedelcho KOLEV, Bulgaria 350 
1980 Varna Bulgaria Asen ZLATEV, Bulgaria 352.5 
1980 Beograd Bulgaria Asen ZLATEV, Bulgaria 355 
1980 Moscow Soviet Union Alexander PERVY, Soviet Union 357.5 
1980 Moscow Bulgaria Asen ZLATEV, Bulgaria 360 
1982 Ljubljana Bulgaria Yanko RUSEV, Bulgaria 362.5 
1982 Ljubljana Bulgaria Yanko RUSEV, Bulgaria 365 
1983 Lille Bulgaria Alexander VARBANOV, Bulgaria 367.5 
1983 Moscow Soviet Union Vladimir KUZNETSOV, Soviet Union 370 
1984 Varna Bulgaria Zdravko STOICHKOV, Bulgaria 375 
1984 Varna Bulgaria Zdravko STOICHKOV, Bulgaria 377.5 
1987 Seoul Bulgaria Alexander VARBANOV, Bulgaria 380 
1988 Plovdiv Bulgaria Alexander VARBANOV, Bulgaria 382.5 
1993 Melbourne Ukraine Ruslan SAVCHENKO, Ukraine 370 
1996 Szekszard Cuba Pablo LARA RODRIGUEZ, Cuba 372.5 
2000 Sofia Bulgaria Vasil VANEV, Bulgaria 372.5 
2001 Trencin Russia Oleg PEREPECHENOV, Russia 375 
2002 Doha Bulgaria Plamen JELIAZKOV, Bulgaria 377.5 
2009 Goyang China Xiaojun LYU, China 378 
2012 London China Xiaojun LYU, China 379 
2013 Wroclaw China Xiaojun LYU, China 380 
2018 Ashgabat China Xiaojun LYU, China 374 

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