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Summer Olympics From 1896 To Today

Summer Olympics

1936 Summer Olympics
Location: Berlin, GER


Weight Class   Name Total (kg)
60 Featherweight Anthony TERLAZZO, United States 92.5EOR+97.50R+122 = 312.5WR
67.5 Lightweight Robert FEIN, Austria 105OR+100+137.5 = 342.5WR
75 Middleweight Khadr Sayed EL TOUNI, Egypt 117.5WR+120WR+150OR = 387.5WR
82.5 Light Heavyweight Louis HOSTIN, France 110OR+117.5OR+145 = 372.5OR
82.5+ Super Heavyweight Josef MANGER, Germany 132.5OR+122.5+155 = 410WR

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