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Cups of the USSR (1970-1991)


Cups of the USSR
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This section of the Lift Up web site features the database search engine displaying the top results shown at the held in the 20th century.

To view the results of these tournaments, please select the search criteria in the forms. There are various types of searches available. You may choose to view the list of medalist or generate the lists of all world champions by weight class or year of the world championship.

To view the results of the other major international tournaments available at the Lift Up, please visit the Top Tournaments section of the site.

Summary table below displays a historical overview of tournaments through the years.

History of the Cups of the USSR (1970-1991)

Year Host City Republic Athletes
1970 Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine 139
1971 Yerevan Armenia 115
1972 Sochi Russia 130
1973 Tuapse Russia 143
1974 Zaporozhie Ukraine 180
1975 Chelyabinsk Russia 156
1976 Sverdlovski Russia 190
1977 Ryazan Russia 181
1978 Fergana Uzbekistan 204
1979 Frunze Kirgizia 191
1980 Alma Ata Kazakhstan 200
1981 Donetsk Ukraine 178
1982 Moscow Russia 101
1983 Leningrad Russia 149
1984 Zaporozhie Ukraine 165
1985 Leningrad Russia 198
1986 Lipetsk Russia
1987 Izhevsk Russia 140
1988 Samarkand Uzbekistan 135
1989 Moscow Russia 67
1990 Lugansk Ukraine 125
1991 Mtsensk Russia 104