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1972 Olympics: Super Heavyweights

Summer Olympics, Munich, Germany, 1972: Legendary Vasily Alexeev, (USSR), Rudolf Mang (Germany), Gerd Bonk (East Germany), Ken Patera (USA), Serge Redding (Belgium) and more in the super heavyweight class competition at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. The last press lifts ever to be featured in the Olympic weightlifting competitions. The footage was donated to the Lift Up project by Mr. Frank Rothwell (Ireland).

* The Clip-O-Rama section of the Lift Up website presents an educational and research multimedia library of mini-clips featuring various oldtime Olympic lifters and events of the 20th century. The original footage is a courtesy of various media resources including Arthur Drechsler Collection (USA), British Pathe (Great Britain), Nicholas Curry Collection (USA), Geoff Fleming Collection (USA), Getty Images, Gosteleradio (Russia), International Olympic Committee, Robert Kabbas Collection (Australia), Frank Rothwell Collection (Ireland), John Way Collection (Australia), Weightlifting Exchange (USA) and more. Special thanks go to GoHeavy Olympic Weightlifting Forum for their help in preparation materials for the Clip-O-Rama.


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