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Help Wanted: Action Photos of Elite Lifters Needed

Currently, there are over 2,000 elite lifters listed in the site database. Each athlete's profile features a variety of data inluding his medal and records count, performance at the Olympics and top international tournaments of the 20th Century, close-ups and action photos.

The listing below shows the athletes whose action photos are not available in the Lift Up database. Your help on locating or sharing these photos will be greatly appreciated. Please forward the missing pictures to Lift Up.

To view the detailed career highlights of the listed athletes, please follow the link associated with the athlete's name. You can also sort missing athletes' photos by their name or by the country they represented in the tournaments by clicking on the column names below.

Lifters: Action Photos Wanted

:: 2/24/2024, Latest Updates: Action Pictures of 145 Lifters Wanted. Thank you for your support!

  Athlete Country  
  AFERIN, Gavriil Soviet Union
  ARAFA, Anvar Egypt
  BAUMANN, Heinrich Germany
  BEYER, Ernst Germany
  BIRK, Georg Germany
  BLASER, Ulrich Switzerland
  BOFINGER, Kurt Germany
  BOHNEL, August Austria
  BURI, Fritz Germany
  CHAO, Chin Hue China
  CHEN, Fa Juan China
  CHEN, Man Je China
  CHERIN, Alexander Soviet Union
  CHERVYAKOV, Stanislav Soviet Union
  CHIKISHEV, Valentin Soviet Union
  CONCA, Giuseppe Italy
  DANDAN, Arturo Philippines
  FERDOWS, Hassan Iran
  FOOK SENG, Ow Singapore
  FRIEDRICH, Peter Germany
  FUCHS, Hubert Germany
  GEISA, Mohamed Ahmed Egypt
  GEORGI, Hans Germany
  GEORGIEVSKY, Vladimir Soviet Union
  GERSTACKER, Georg Germany
  HABERL, Sebastian Austria
  HAGIO, Kasamazu Japan
  HEIDENREICH, Anton Germany
  HEILES, Simon France
  HESSLER, Alfred Germany
  HSIAO, Ming Siang China
  HUAN, Chan Ju China
  HUANG, Xiliang China
  HUSSEIN, Ahmad Egypt
  ISAKOV, Vasily Soviet Union
  JANISCH, Franz Austria
  JON, Chol-Ho North Korea
  JUNG, Fritz Germany
  KADISCH, Viktor Austria
  KAHL, Robert Germany
  KANEMURA, Yosho Japan
  KIELMANN, Erich Germany
  KO, Kwang-Ku South Korea
  KOHLER, Hermann Germany
  KOHLER, Wilhelm Germany
  KONKIN, Alexander Soviet Union
  KRASHENINNIKOV, Mikhail Soviet Union
  KRIEGER, Fritz Germany
  KUCERA, Werner Germany
  KURZ, Jean Germany
  LANG, Fritz Germany
  LANG, Heinrich Germany
  LEE, Jang-Woo South Korea
  LEPPELT, Josef Austria
  LI, Hon-Tschen North Korea
  LI, Jae-Son North Korea
  LIEN, Tien Wu China
  LINDROOS, Mauno Finland
  LIST, Philipp Germany
  LOCH, Andreas Germany
  LUKACZIK, Karl Germany
  LUKOVENKO, Alexander Soviet Union
  MA, Josef Germany
  MANG, Walter Germany
  MEIER, Willi Germany
  MELIKOV, Assif Azerbaijan
  MININ, Sergey Soviet Union
  MIRONENKO, Nikolay Soviet Union
  MOKROV, Stanislav Soviet Union
  MONTOYA, Ernesto Cuba
  MUHLBERGER, Eugen Germany
  NAUMOV, Dmitry Soviet Union
  NIKULIN, Alexander Soviet Union
  PALUSKIEVICZ, Josef Germany
  PANAYOTOV, Radostin Bulgaria
  PAUL, Willi Germany
  PENG, Sang China
  PETROV, Bogomil Bulgaria
  QUATTELBAUM, Ernst Germany
  QUINTANA, Vincente Cuba
  RAISSI, Sayed Rasoul Iran
  REIN, Adolf Germany
  REINFRANK, Willi Germany
  RENNER, Johann Germany
  RI, Hi-Bong North Korea
  RIEGE, Max Germany
  RIEGER, Adolf Germany
  ROLET, Andre France
  ROMASENKO, Sergey Soviet Union
  ROSINEK, Wilhelm Austria
  RYTHER, Eugene Switzerland
  SABO, Jakob Hungary
  SABRIEV, Turgy Bulgaria
  SAKAGAMI, Koji Japan
  SCHARRER, Alfred Switzerland
  SCHERZ, Franz Austria
  SCHLIWKA, Gunter East Germany
  SCHMIDT, Ludwig Austria
  SCHUSTER, Josef Germany
  SENYUKOV, Nikolay Soviet Union
  SHABAEV, Mikhail Soviet Union
  SHARY, Arkady Soviet Union
  SHISHOV, Victor Soviet Union
  SHOBINGER, Alois Austria
  SHRAMMEL, Georg Austria
  SHWAIGER, Franz Germany
  SHWINDT, Hermann Germany
  SOUNBOLI, Ali Safa Iran
  STAHL, Heinrich Germany
  STEFAN, Willi Germany
  STROBEL, Franz Austria
  SUKCHINDA, Choija Thailand
  TEN, Kuo Jin China
  TIHANE, Rudolf Estonia
  TIMOSHENKO, Vladimir Soviet Union
  TREFFNY, Leopold Austria
  TROITSKY, Gennady Soviet Union
  VALLA, Johann Austria
  VELLAMO, Juhani Finland
  VERHEIJEN, Johannes Netherlands
  VERLEY, August Germany
  VIBERT, Pierre France
  VILKHOVSKY, Vladimir Soviet Union
  VOGT, Jakob Germany
  WAHL, Paul Germany
  WALTER, Max Germany
  WANG, Guohua China
  WEISSE, Peter Germany
  WILLIQUET, Louis Belgium
  WINTER, Ludwig Germany
  WOBITO, Alfred Germany
  WOLCZANIECKI, Sergiusz Poland
  YAN, Bin China
  YANEV, Petar Bulgaria
  YASHENOK, Nikolay Soviet Union
  YEH, Hao Po China
  YORDANOV, Yordan Bulgaria
  YUSSEF, Khalil Egypt
  ZAUSAEV, Valentin Soviet Union
  ZHANG, Yong China
  ZHAO, Xinming China
  ZIMMERMANN, Josef Germany
  ZUBA, Franz Austria

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