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1/22/2023 Arthur Chidlovski, USA  

To Georges E. Melki:
The 200 Snatch, 250 CJ and 450 Total lists were published as an article in 2004 with no plans and commitments for updates. Besides sensational results of Lasha Talakhadze, there are many athletes that were able to bypass the 200/250/450 results since 2004. It's a great idea to track them. If you have these lists available, please considers sharing it for publication at Lift Up with a credit to the author(s).
Arthur Chidlovski

1/21/2023 GEORGES E. MELKI, Baabdat, Libanon, Lebanon  

The 200 Snatch, 250 Clean&Jerk and 450 Total lists need to be updated! Since 2009, the Lasha Talakhadze phenomenon appeared on the world weightlifting scene, and dwarfed all previous records!
Please update these lists.

10/24/2022 KEVIN ST JOHN, Rochester, NY, United States  

Just wanted to pass along some info. Gor Minasyan has recently moved to Bahran and won the Asian Championships held the last week or so.

4/5/2021 James Hilary Evans, Llanilar, Ceredigion, United Kingdom

Just to mention that my colleague Paul Tchir has a website dedicated to the oldest living Olympic competitors (including lifters) at

2/20/2021 arthur chidlovski, Ponte Vedra, FL, US  

>> Anatoly Pisarenko is out right
>> oldest champion still alive.

Joe Dube (USA) is older than Anatoly Pisarenko. Joe just turned 78. He is the oldest living super heavyweight world champion. He is also a world records author.

2/18/2021 G.H. MASSIHA, Youngsville, - Please make a selection -, US  

Now that Great Yury Vlasov passed away:

LAHDENRANTA is the oldest living super heavy weight lifter setting WR and winning medal at world championship. May God keep him alive and healthy for a long time for his family.

Anatoly Pisarenko is out right oldest champion still alive.

6/16/2020 Deb, MiAMI, FL, USA  

Is it possible to edit a post I made many years ago? Can I contact you by phone?

Thank you.

3/22/2020 MALCOLM IRWIN, Upper Kedron, QLD, AU  

Lift- Up is great for reviewing the history of Weightlifting during lock-down. Trusting all lifters wash their hands with soap between lifts and stay well. This is a sport where social distancing is easy to achieve.

10/23/2019 ROBERT KABBAS, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  

MIKE PEARMAN: Hi Mike, glad to hear you're still going strong! World Championships 1966 East Berlin: Lightheavyweight (82.5kg) category 10th place - 417.5kg (132.5+122.5+162.5). Regards, Robert.

8/19/2019 MIKE PEARMAN , London , Middlesex , U k  

Hi can anyone tell me what was my results and place in the light heavy weight class at the world championships 1966 still coaching at Brunel weightlifting club London England 1962 was my first world championships 1975 my last wonderful memories. Mike Pearman