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Olympic Clean and Jerk Techniques

On-line Demo by Lift Up

The clean-and-jerk (cj) lift is the last lift of the Olympic weightlifting competition. It's a two stage lift and, in most cases, it's the key lift for the championship in total. Most successful Olympic lifters earned their top medal due to their mastery in the cj lift.


This on-line demo offers a interactive study of the classic cj lifts performed by the legendary athletes of the 20th century. It features lifts by such outstanding cj legends as:

In order to view the clips, please select the athlete's name in the drop-down menu and then click the "View" button to proceed. You may consider using the control buttons below the clips to enhance the experience of watching these almost forgotten today lifts by the classics of Olympic weightlifting.


The clean-and-jerk lift and its major stages (clean and jerk) have been a part of various studies by many distinguished sports analysts.

Like in the research done on the snatch, analysts and coaches subdivide the clean stage in various phases (stages) for analysis. The number of stages varies depending on the depth of the study or simply on the approach of the researcher.

"The Weightlifting Encyclopedia" by Arthur Drechsler overviews the clean stage based on the "Six Phases" method of analysis of the pull based on the studies by the Soviet researchers A. Lukashev and B. Podlivayev - pre-lift-off (1), preliminary acceleration (2), adjustment (3), final acceleration (4), unsupported squat under (5) and supported squat under (6).

The jerk stage also was also suggested to consist of six phases including the start (1), the dip (2), the braking phase (3), the explosion (4), unsupported squat under (5) and supported squat under (6)

There is a variety of literature and discussion courses offering a detailed study of each stage and their phases. This interactive demo of the snatch should allow you to trace major elements of both the clean and the jerk by watching the legends of Olympic weightlifting in action.



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