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World Championships from 1891 to Today


World Championships
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This section of the Lift Up project features the database with the top results shown at the World Championships in Olympic weightlifing held in the 20th century.

To view the results at these tournaments, please select the search criteria in the forms. There are various types of searches available. You may choose to view the list of medalist or generate the lists of all world champions by weight class or year of the world championship.

Please note that the Olympic Games in 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980 and 1984 were counted as World Championships too. The results for these tournaments are available both in this and the Search the Olympics sections of the site.

To view the results of the other major international tournaments available at the Lift Up, please visit the Top Tournaments section of the site.

Summary table below displays a historical overview of tournaments through the years.

History of IWF World Championships

Year Host City/Country
1891 London, Great Britain
1898 Vienna, Austria
1899 Milan, Italy
1903 Paris, France
1904 Vienna, Austria
1905 Berlin, Germany
1905 Duisburg, Germany
1905 Paris, France
1906 Lille, France
1907 Frankfurt, Germany
1908 Vienna, Austria
1910 Vienna, Austria
1910 Dusseldorf, Germany
1911 Stuttgart, Germany
1911 Berlin, Germany
1911 Dresden, Germany
1911 Vienna, Austria
1913 Breslau, Germany
1920 Vienna, Austria
1922 Tallinn, Estonia
1923 Vienna, Austria
1937 Paris, France
1938 Vienna, Austria
1946 Paris, France
1947 Philadelphia, United States
1950 Paris, France
1951 Milan, Italy
1953 Stockholm, Sweden
1954 Vienna, Austria
1955 Munich, West Germany
1957 Teheran, Iran
1958 Stockholm, Sweden
1959 Warsaw, Poland
1961 Vienna, Austria
1962 Budapest, Hungary
1963 Stockholm, Sweden
1964 Tokyo, Japan
1965 Teheran, Iran
1966 East Berlin, East Germany
1968 Mexico-City, Mexico
1969 Warsaw, Poland
1970 Columbus, United States
1971 Lima, Peru
1972 Munich, West Germany
1973 Havana, Cuba
1974 Manila, Philippines
1975 Moscow, Soviet Union
1976 Montreal, Canada
1977 Stuttgart, West Germany
1978 Gettysburg, United States
1979 Saloniki, Greece
1980 Moscow, Soviet Union
1981 Lille, France
1982 Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
1983 Moscow, Soviet Union
1984 Los Angeles, United States
1985 Sodertelje, Sweden
1986 Sofia, Bulgaria
1987 Ostrava, Czechoslovakia
1989 Athens, Greece
1990 Budapest, Hungary
1991 Donaueschingen, Germany
1993 Melbourne, Australia
1994 Istanbul, Turkey
1995 Guangzhou, China
1997 Chiang Mai, Thailand
1998 Lahti, Finland
1999 Athens, Greece
2001 Antalya, Turkey
2002 Warsaw, Poland
2003 Vancouver, Canada
2005 Doha, Qatar
2006 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2007 Chiang Mai, Thailand
2009 Goyang, South Korea
2010 Antalya, Turkey
2011 Paris, France
2013 Wroclaw, Poland
2014 Almaty, Kazakhstan
2015 Houston, United States
2017 Anaheim, United States
2018 Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
2019 Pattaya, Thailand
2021 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2022 Bogota, Colombia