Position: DEFENSE
Shoots: L 
Height: 5-11  Weight: 185 
Born: 3/14/1962 in

  :: Career Stats by Andrey Chistyakov GP G
  Team USSR international games 12 1
  USSR/Russian Elite League games 432 19
   Career Elite League Clubs (USSR/Russia):
   - SPARTAK (Moscow)
 Andrey Chistyakov   All Team USSR Games  

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 Andrey Chistyakov   Career Highlights with Team CCCP  

:: Seasons on the national team roster: 2
:: Scored 1 goals in 12 games with the national team.
:: Firsts and Lasts:
First Game: Thursday, October 29, 1987
USSR vs. CZECHOSLOVAKIA, Exhibition Game,
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Last Game: Thursday, November 02, 1989
USSR vs. CZECHOSLOVAKIA, Exhibition Game,
Prague, Czechoslovakia

 Andrey Chistyakov   Games by Opposing Countries  
      Country GP
    Czechoslovakia 6
    Switzerland 2
    West Germany 1
    Sweden 1
    Finland 1
    Canada 1
 Andrey Chistyakov   Goals by Opposing Countries  
    West Germany1


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