Zlatan Vanev

:: 10/30/2010: Tom, Windham NH, United States
Was Zlaten Vanev the one born in 1977, really 185 cm tall, in 77kg class???

:: 8/7/2010: Vanev, , BUL
There seems to be a mixup between Vasil Vanev and Zlatan Vanev. This also happened in the IAT-Database. Due to the fact that they both lifted in middleweight during some time of their careers, it's not possible to seperate these two properly. Can somebody help? P.S. Zlatan Vanev is in fact born in 1977 not 1973, thats Vasil I think.

:: 7/18/2007: daniela, asenovgrad , bulgaria
and zlatan was born in1977

:: 7/18/2007: daniela, asenovgrad , bulgaria
my lovee

:: 5/16/2007: Andrei, Rostov, Russia
His beast !

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