Adam Saidullayev

:: 11/8/2022: Ronald Johns, Kitchener Ontario, Canada
I just turned 74 started OL by 1969 and know older lifters attended worlds etc This man had so many records and what stunned me was his 400kg total but still rated #2 as 90kg. I'm guessing David Rigert was still #1 Hopefully there isa lifting arena in Heaven that doesn't push as hard as one run by no excuses coaches from Bulgaria& USSR in Hell.

:: 10/13/2022: Kevin St. John, NY, United States
Another Soviet lifter passes. WOW! So many close together. I would echo what John said about the depth of the Soviet team. I used to see results from some of their different tournaments and be in awe of the scores. You just knew that most of those guys were never going to the worlds but could have won or scored a medal. That was the case in most of their weight categories.

:: 7/8/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
what a talent 7 wr.s and not on a world or olympic team.What depth the russians have.awesome

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