Sergey Didyk

:: 10/5/2021: Arthur Chidlovski, , USA
Hi, Kevin. There was a typo in my files and I corrected it based on your comment. Thank you!

:: 10/4/2021: Kevin St. John, New York, USA
Either you changed it or I can't do simple subtraction.I think it's me.

:: 9/22/2021: Kevin St. John, Rochester New York, USA
Today is Sergey's birthday, OK! I have a question, What year was he born? He is shown with his world record jerk of 261kg. done on the final day of 1983 Spartakiad which was on August 1, 1983. That would mean that he had not reached his 16th birthday yet. This seems very unlikely. Am I doing the math wrong and don't see it or what?

:: 6/10/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
another russian beast c& j over many c&js over 260? maybe 10?

:: 5/18/2009: Charles Savoie, Bedford Texas, United States
WOW that's over 99% of Reza's highest CJ while weighing a lot less. Clearly the better athlete and way under-recognized as to stellar status.

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