Frank Capsouras

:: 1/13/2024: Victor Rosenberg, Cleveland Heights Ohio, United States
In the January 1971 Strength & Health, there is a photograph taken in Columbus with the caption 'Kolotov Chats with Capsouras.' Does anyone know what language or languages they were speaking?

:: 7/31/2021: harold Bud osborne, colorado springs co., United States
Best wishes

:: 7/31/2021: harold Bud osborne, colorado springs co., USA
As a soph at northern valley HS 1965 I wrestled Frank from Oradell NJ. Lost the match and drew another match for the Christmas tournament with Frank. He is very impressive.Great athelete. Hope he is happy and well.

:: 3/16/2021: Mark Miller, Maryland, United States
I saw him clean and and jerk 355lbs at the Olympic tryouts, New York World's Fair, August 1964. He was 17 then and lifted as a light-heavyweight (182). The lift brought the house down.

:: 11/14/2016: Ajax, , Usa
Last American to set world record? Not too shabby

:: 7/13/2010: Frank LaGrotteria, River Edge NJ, USA
Frank trained me as a teenager. I was very fortunate to have that time with him. I will never forget it and his influence lives on in my life.

:: 1/18/2008: Michael Colucio, Metuchen NJ, United States
Frank was an honorable man. I learned so much under him about weightlifting. It's great to see him on this website.

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