Viktor Sots

:: 5/17/2014: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
I remember seeing results of his when he was a junior lifter with some photos in International Olympic Lifter here in the US. Also have photos of him at training hall at 1981 Worlds. A very thick torso and legs. Looked very impressive, handling big training weights. I, too, would like to have seen more of him but that was a very competitive class for the USSR and any injuries put you behind your rivals so he did not get a lot of international success. 'Only' 2 World titles. That's 2 more than most people.

:: 8/18/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
I think that i can take credit for the first squat jerk ever.I did 145 kg. in 82.5 kg. class in 1966 in York Pa.It was a full squat jerk.

:: 11/14/2012: Rickard Wroblewski, Nälden Nälden, Sverige
He was the best heavyweight lifter and he did so nice

:: 10/2/2012: Alexey C., Novosibirsk , Russia
One of my favourite lifters. So sad injuries didn't let him embody all his large potential. Some rumours say that he has jerked 265 from the racks.

:: 6/28/2012: Mal Irwin, Brisbane QLD, Australia
I read many years ago that Viktor Sots pressed 155kg X2 from a full squat (not behind the neck). Real power.

:: 9/26/2011: colin elless, , canada
:: 3/23/2010: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville Minnesota, USA thanks for your post on victor sots.. i did olympic wieghtlifting as a kid and power jerk was the style i used and i never went to low to catch the jerk , like victor sots my coach practiced on getting lower however i still catch it high. so if victor sot was good at i can be to.

:: 3/23/2010: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville Minnesota, USA
Sots was brutally strong. He was the first guy I saw who employed the squat style jerk. But he didn't ever have to go very low while jerking, with that power he had. Didn't stay on the scene for long.

:: 11/2/2007: colin elless, courtenay/ b.c, Canada
if any would have any other information about viktor sots could you please inform at the email address

:: 5/1/2007: aleko, montreal Quebec, canada
V.Sots sami silni i krasivi shtangist esli mojno po bolshe informacii

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