Joseph Di Pietro

:: 12/31/2017: Giozcchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
He was like an American Suleimanoglu---- His press of 105kg, in 1948, at less than 56kg of bodyweight, equalled that of tommy Kono gold medal in the 67.5 kg in 1952!----- How was he tall?---- Note that his arms could barely clean his head!

:: 8/29/2017: AJAX, , USA
Gave incentive to other smaller men proved that they could be powerful Pound for pound. He was a fine representative of USA and well liked by everyone all around good guy

:: 3/15/2010: john mac kenzie, paterson new jersey, usa
as a boy in paterson nj at the circle pool i used to watch joe di piero lift and work out in 1947 and admired him as a standout man and a dood and kin d man..god bless you joe.

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