Joe Pitman

:: 7/10/2017: Ajax, , USA
Jerking over 300 lbs as a lightweight in 1949 - 1950 ... that's tough

:: 6/24/2017: Howie DeCristofaro, Woodstock Ga., USA
I met Joe when I was a freshman in high school at the Youth Center. He got me interested in weightlifting and it's been a big part of my life since then. He helped me to get accepted to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was in my wedding and was a remarkable man. I always enjoyed our conversations about the lifters of his era. He is a great person and an even better coach. I have missed him over the last couple of years.

:: 8/6/2016: Bob Cook, Franklin NC, USA
I was on Joes weight lifting team with Kent Middleton. Joe also taught me how to do giant swings on the harozontal bar. I am proud to be able to call him my coach and friend.

:: 6/28/2016: Bob Toomey, Vero Beach FL, United States
Steve, your dad is the greatest. Helped me greatly while I was in high school with lifting technique after I wandered in his garage one day. I wish you all the best.

:: 6/27/2016: joe berg, stamford Connecticut, United States
As the Va. state chamion from 1947 I competed against Joe in the spring of 1948 at the Winchester, va Olympic trials. We were even at the press but I could not compete with him in the snatch. I recall it vividly. Joe Berg Olymic trials..

:: 2/25/2015: Steve Pitman Sr., Lyman Sc, Usa
Dad is still around. He is in vero at the Claire Bridge assisted living. Dad has dementia and otherwise in good health. It is so nice to here how many people my father effected. Kent your welcome to contact me. I would love to see you when I visit dad in Vero.

:: 11/8/2014: Kent Middleton, Vero Beach FL., USA
In 1973 I walked into the youth center in vero Beach and met Joe Pitman.He started training me and 2mo. later I entered my first Contest and won first place. Then I was hooked on weight lifting.Joe and I started the Vero Beach weightlifting team together. Joe is 90yrs. old now and is in a retirement home called 'The Place' on Indian River Blvd in Vero Beach. Please stop in and see him if you can.

:: 5/31/2014: Russ McKnight, Aiken SC, USA
Joe taught me the Olympic lifts when I was in high school, many years ago. I agree that he is a true gentleman. I remember one night when I had first started and was complaining about missing a 'heavy' 135# clean and jerk. Joe said 'Yes, you're right,' and then C&J'd the 135# with one hand!

:: 4/24/2014: Danielle wright, Vero beach Fl, USA
I work with for joe at the place of vero beach.

:: 3/28/2014: Steve Tritle, Chambersburg PA, USA
Joe is my dad, Seth Tritle's best friend and a true gentlemen. Dad and Joe got me started weightlifting and i still do so today. I'm 64. My father, Set, just died March 26th 2014.

:: 3/26/2014: Linda (Gossett) Robertson, Raleigh NC, USA
I so remember Mr. Pittman's class. We were so in awe that our teacher was a Gold Medal Winner. I remember that small class room, somewhere above the auditorium I think. And everyone remembers him doing his handstand on his desk, the ceiling so low he had to bend his legs! Fun, but he was a great teacher too. I remember feverously making notes from the blackboard, but he made it interesting. Trivia here: On the way to class one day, seared in my memory, someone asked me if I had heard the song by Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley I asked, who's that? That's the silliest name I ever heard of!!! But boy was I to learn. Fun times we all had in those days. Mr. Pittman positively impacted more young lives than he could ever imagine! Well done, Mr. Pittman, well done!

:: 3/25/2014: alan weller, piqua oh, usa
I remember Mr. pitman doing handstand on his desk!

:: 12/23/2013: Jay Buckman, Melbourne FL, USA
Mr. Pitman was my first school principal in Wabasso back in 1962. He was really great. I love to get in touch.

:: 8/8/2011: ray choquette, Onset MA, USA
Iron Joe Pitman led me to a bronze medal in the Sunshine State Games in 1977. There could not have been a better role model. Thanks, Joe! Ray Choquette

:: 1/7/2011: Steve Pitman Jr, jax fl, usa
Grandpas still workin out

:: 1/7/2011: Steve Pitman Jr, jax fl, usa
This is my grandfather. He is STILL a beast!

:: 8/14/2008: AOBC, , USA
Joe Pitman had one of the greatest strings of National Weightlifting Championship victories in the history of the United States. Across his tremendous career, Joe won a total of 11 National Championships (the only lifters in US weightlifting history who won more were Tony Terlazzo – 13 and John Davis – 12). Joe was very successful on the international scene as well, winning gold medals at the inaugural Pan American Games in 1951, and then again at the 1955 Pan American Games. At the World Championships, Joe earned silver medals in both 1949 and 1951. Perhaps Joe’s greatest year came in 1950 where, after defeating Tommy Kono and Dave Sheppard in a colossal battle at the US National Championships, he went on the win the Gold Medal at the World Championships in Paris. His total of 352.5 kg. that day equaled to winning totals made by Shams of Egypt the year before and Pete George of the US in 1947. After retiring from weightlifting, Joe spent is career educating America’s youth. (courtesy of

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