Boris Pavlov

:: 8/28/2011: Geoff Fleming, Union New Jersey, U.S.A.
Boris actually did compete after the 'bomb out' in Munich. In fact, in April of '73 he shouldered a massive 205kg, while in the 82.5 class but failed to complete the lift. It must be remembered that the world record at the time was 200.5kg. He was in third place at the USSR Cup and needed this 205 to win over Ivanchenko and Rhyzhenkov. Also important to realize that David Rigert set a 90kg world record jerk with 210kg in this meet, so Pavlov's attempt with only 5kg less was remarkable. There is a clip of this attempt in the film 'Weightlifters'.

:: 1/20/2011: Alfonso Rodriguez, Palm Bay Florida, USA
Boris Pavlov was a very good lifter indeed but I do not think that he recovered well enough from his debacle in Munich in 1972 when he missed three Press attempts at 369 lbs. After his misses he had a facial expression of total surprise and Valery Shary also missed that night with 374LBS and looked like the provervial deer in the headlights. It was shocking but I was there and could not believe it myself. Sharry, however, was able to put it aside, continue to progress and became the champion in Montreal. That was a debacle for the Russian Team in '72 with Kanigyn, Pavlov, Sharry and Rigert being disqualified. Never heard again from Kanigyn after Munich. Pavlov had a great Press, strong Snatch and a very good C&J (he tried 440lbs at one time). He either could not make any more progress after '72 or he lost the confidence of the Soviet national coaches and never made another world team, He retired around 1975 after a rather short career. Nevertheless, he did replace Ivanchenko on the Soviet team as he did seem to show more promise .I think that was a mistake by the Soviet national coaches for Ivanchenko could have won the Olympic title in '72 and seemed mentally stronger. But Soviet weightlifting was always full of politics at the national levels with some worthy athletes suffering because of it. Sorry to hear Pavlov died so young!

:: 1/17/2011: Geoff Fleming, Union N.J., U.S.A.
Boris Pavlov was among the top performers in the 82.5 class, during the 1970s. He was probably the first lifter in that class to potentially c& j 200kg. Tremendously muscled, Pavlov had enormous pulling ability, especially on the clean and was world champion in 1971. During this era, the 82.5 class was filled with amazing talent. In the USSR alone, he had to battle such 'giants', as Rigert, Ivanchenko, Shary and Rhizhenkov...all world record holders. This native of Kharkov had a relatively short but interesting competitive career and unfortunately, died while in his late 40s.

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