Eugene Katsura

:: 4/15/2013: jean-pierre Van Lerberghe, Brussels , Belgium
Hello Eugene, I was in competitions and even silver medallist in 1970 W.C. in Columbus, Ohio. Your grandfather was an extraordinary champion, he impressed me a lot in 1966 W.C. in East Berlin, Germany. Maybe your family doesn't speek about him because of that car accident ? I now nothing about it, but as a sportsman, you may be proud of him ! Cordially.

:: 2/13/2010: Piquemal Jean, St Germain en Laye , France
Hullo! I cannot give you much information but I am a bit puzzled by this entry of 1978 in Chidlovski's site, (in their 'world records' list with 198Kg) since Evgueny Katsura supposedly died in 1967 (in the French press his death was announced as a suicide)(the life span of 1937-67 on Chidlovski seems correct). My recollection is that the French press reported that his suicide may have been triggered by a car accident which he had beeen liable for. You may find some information in 1966-1967 newspapers, eg 'L'équipe' ('the team') which at the time was the only sports daily in France. I saw him lift in Paris (1966?). Regards Jean Piquemal

:: 11/11/2009: Eugene Katsura, St-Petersburg , Russia
This is my grandfather...whom I know nothing about! My granny(his ex.wife..Panteleeva L.I. doesnt talk about him much! if someone knows anything about him, please contact!)

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