Gary Gubner

:: 1/5/2017: David Gittleman, Monsey NY, USA
It's 1966. Prof Quilty dismisses his weight training class. Having just enough time to get to my next class, I throw all my 114 lbs toward the blind turn into the stairwell and run into a wall. The wall gently picks me up, dusts me off and apologizes for having hurt me. I'm too stunned to know if I respond with a proper apology for my carelessness, but I know that I have run into Mr Gubner, a real gentleman.

:: 3/7/2015: Lew GRUBER, , USA
he was part of a group that hung out on the Acqueduct across from NYU. He was a gentle giant, very soft spoken and affable. In the '60's track was a big deal sport in NYC perhaps mores than pro Basketball, at DeWitt Clinton HS he gained tremendous recognition for his Shot Putting prowess holding the HS shot putting record (perhaps to this day) he was as important and awe inspiring in his sport as Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) was in Basketball at Power Memorial in the same Era. A true Legend. Sorry I lost track of him. As a point of interest his bicep pumped was larger than my girlfriends waist.

:: 3/30/2014: Paul Feder, Staten Island NY, USA
I remember Gary as a shot putter competing at Randalls Island in 1958. In those crazy days anybody in HS. could signup to compete in the Jourior Olympics or such. It was open competitions. I was 140 pounds or less. I was happy with my 31 foot. Gary won with about 57 using a 12 pound ball. We talked and he was really nice to me. I recommended that he audition for the SuperMan movie role which was being well publisized then. I wish him the best now as well as then. Paul Feder

:: 8/21/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
Gary Gubner did not use steroids.second in the world,not bad

:: 7/9/2013: Laurie R, Philadelphia Philadelphia, United States
I knew Gary when he and his beautiful family vacationed at the Avon Lodge resort in the Catskill Mountains.

:: 5/31/2011: Dic Morone, kingston ny, USA
I remember Gary standing in the cold on a Sat. afternoon watching Jerry Mann and myself practice with the shot at NYU. He was 16 ,a big kid and very quiet. His football coach from Clinton HS told him to get some tips fro Jerry on how to put the shot. Gary had terrible form ,but even then was very strong. I have never seen a kid improve in strength so quickly. That day he came with us to the gym and pressed his bodyweight..235lbs. Within a few weeks he was pressing that weight five time and pressing 255 for a single. Gary,although very bright, had a slow speech pattern. One of the NYU athletes interpreted that as being slow of mind. Gary realized this guy was a jerk and put him in his place by calculating the effect of spinning the plates on the Olympic bar to influence the effect on rthe l weight lifted. The guy was dumbfounded. Gary was 17. It was my pleasure watching Gary trying to put the shot into the basket across the gym floor indoors at Needles Trade HS . If I remember ,he broke th backboad. I also remember when he beat the great Parry O'Brien indoors. I think he threw 64' that night. Garry was a great athlete and shoud be recognised as one of the best of all time

:: 11/16/2010: thomas mcneil, Whiteford MD, USA
Gary is 2 years older than I am. In 1960-1962 he trained at the Elecchester AC in Queens, NY. What a muscle man. Saw him come in and squat 405 cold in street cloths, then go in and change for his workout.

:: 11/27/2007: George Seaman, Northport NY, US
I attended the '64 Olympic trials at the World's Fair grounds and witnessed the awsome strength of Gary. An excellent shot putter, I also saw him the IC4A at Madison Square Garden. A great ahlete he deserves to be a noted as a superb athete in Olympic History.

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