Guy Carlton

:: 10/13/2019: Mark Cimarosti, Nashville TN, USA
I came across this thread, searching about Guy. I didn't know him very well but I grew up in Bloomington/ Normal and went to IL Wesleyan, playing football. I remember Guy training our team in power lifting techniques. I have always been into fitness, in fact I married Billy Blanks' (Tae Bo creator) daughter, Shellie, and have owned a fitness studio for years, just south of Nashville... Guy was how I learned technique in lifting. He taught me my favorite lift, the 'power clean'. I was never real strong with upper body lifts, but Guy taught me how to use torque and body mechanics, to leverage my lower body strength. He taught functional fitness before the name was commercialized... a man before his time, indeed! I always reference him, when talking about powerlifting and how I learned it. I just realized how he died. I do not know the details but if it is what it suggests, this is another common bond we share. I had a cognitive diagnosis at 45, and I have been there. It is not what defines us and I will always remember Guy as one who helped me be a better person. Wherever you are, thank you Guy and much luv Brother!!!

:: 2/19/2019: Bob Giordano, Nj Cedar Grove , USA
Guy and I competed against each other (or should I say with each other) in the late 70's. He was a fierce competitor, and an even more fiercely loyal friend. We traveled together on trips overseas, and stayed together at the Sports Festival. I was honored that I was invited to his wedding. After he won the Bronze in 84, he and his wife Jean visited me in Jersey. He was a special friend. I am still saddened at the loss of my dear friend, Guy. If any of his children would like to share some memories, I can be reached at the email listed... Rest in peace, old friend!

:: 8/12/2018: Jim Davis , Aurora Il, Il
Guy - what a special human being! So influential in my life, I think of you often. Was surfing the web think of weighting and cam across this site. RIP Guy - god bless your family

:: 1/16/2018: Laura Rai, Champaign IL, USA
Happy birthday 🎉🎂🎈🎊🎁! ❤❤❤

:: 8/10/2016: Adam Mittleman, Acworth GA, USA
I met Guy in 1990 when I was at ISU. One of the nicest and friendliest men I have met to this day and I am so sorry to hear he passed. I remember his heart surgery and how he trained after and I even remember Linda working the front desk! Great gym, great memories, terrible loss.

:: 1/16/2016: Laura Rai, Champaign IL, USA
Happy Birthday Daddy! I love you very much :)!

:: 3/9/2015: Erin Prochnow Sanders, Jacksonville FL, USA
Hello everyone! I am trying to track down a Carlton's Gym Tshirt or Tank. I remember my dad, David Prochnow, taking my siblings and myself to Carlton's Gym in Normal, IL when I was little. We would go play at Chuck E Cheese while he got his lift on. My dad passed away in 1991 and it is one of the memories I have of him. I have been getting into weight training and he's all I think about when I lift. I'd love to have a shirt from back in the day.

:: 4/3/2014: Steve Abdo, Destin FL, USA
A word to his family. Guy was my best friend throughout his college days at Eastern Illinois University. Him and I trained together for 3 years and then I moved to train at the Colorado Springs Olympic Camp with him back in 1981. There's alot of great memories and thousands of laughs. I am a proud father to a beautiful daughter. Should anyone of his children want to email me for the memories and interests about how great of a man he was, I would be happy to share some great stories that would make you proud. I know he is in heaven for the person he was! Steve Abdo

:: 12/23/2013: John H, Arvada Co, USA
I worked out with Guy at The Rocky Mountain Gym in Aurora Co and am utterly shocked by his passing. I still have a Russian belt that he wore and lifted with. Some of my fondest memories are of Guy lifting. May he rest in peace.

:: 8/1/2013: Ryan Feek, Nashville Tn, USA
I met guy back in the 80's. he had his gym right by my house I rode my bike there and started lifting for football when I was like 14. Like most kids I wanted to bench. My 1st lifting experience was brutal. I was young little kid with all these bi guys and I dropped some weights and went running out. He came out and got me and talked with me. He kind of took me in I taught me the Olympic lifts. I loved watching him lift. His gym had platforms and squat racks everywhere which you can't find at all In a gym anymore. When I went off to play in college he gave me his couch and some tables from his basement! I am now a strength and conditioning coach. I miss him and wish he was still around to learn from! Great man!

:: 7/24/2013: Jeff Gragg, Quincy IL, Adams
I remember Guy through a mutual friend, Don Blackburn. We trained together and spent time in Bloomington with Guy and Laura in the late 80's. Had steaks on the bbq and bunked over night. I remember lifting at the state fair on Guy's team with Don, Ron N. , and John C from Decatur along with Andy R. and myself from Quincy. Guy was an outstanding athlete and a great individual. Missed by all.

:: 7/18/2013: Becky Carlton , Normal IL, USA
I'm Guys youngest daughter & I just love reading these comments & hearing your guys's memories of my dad. So thank you!

:: 6/11/2013: Mike Acciari , Chicago IL, USA
Guy was my college roomate, 'stood up' in my wedding and probably the best friend I ever had. To this day on the sun visor of my truck I have a 'USA Weightlifting' pin that Guy gave me at the party celebrating his Bronze Medal win in the '84 Olympics. That was a serious party! 'We loved L.A.!' I could tell stories 'til Christmas but I'll leave it at this: We all lost a good man and a great person.

:: 6/3/2013: Larry Denz, Downers Grove Illinois, USA
I still remember Guy and Bob Majewski stealing the weights from EIU football players in the so called gym.Guy was one class act and always had time to give advise and spot other lifters.

:: 3/15/2013: Steve Witter, Bloomington IL, USA
I still have my Carlton's Gym tank top! I loved that gym. I think about it every time i go to the shopping center where it was located on College Ave. I really liked Guy.

:: 2/9/2013: Eric Eisel, Newbury park Ca, USA
I used to go the gym he owned in Bloomington. I have a lot of great memories from that place. I met my wife (Kimberly Whitwood) there 23 years ago. She was one of the employees Guy had, invited her over for pizza and have been together ever since!! Thanks for all that you did for us. I thought about you often and the impressions you made on us.

:: 2/4/2012: bob majewski, sparks nv., united states america
i was very good friends withguy at eastern ill.back then he was a skinny 175 lb with un beliveable strength.we had some great times together in the local bars of charleston.may you rest in peace

:: 12/20/2011: Larry Berry, Davenport FL, USA
I went to high school with Guy at Lakeview High School in Decatur. Remember him in the workout room with Coach Flaugher, spending hours working with him. He will be missed.

:: 8/15/2011: Laura Carlton, Bloomington Illinois, USA
I just want to thank everyone for their kind words. Right on :)

:: 2/24/2011: Tim Adams, Folsom CA, USA
I was working out today at the 24 Hour Fitness gym in Folsom, CA. I have been a member of this gym since 1993. I saw two young men doing Olympic lifting, which is the first time I have ever seen this in this gym. It brought back memories of the gym that Guy operated in some strip mall in Normal, IL, next to a Chuck-E-Cheese. Guy had a group of young kids he was mentoring to excel in this particular sport. He kept his silver medal in his office. Guy was a gentleman, a class act, and I am sorry to see that he left us at such a young age. I had Guy over to my apartment with a bunch of other people to watch the Mike Tyson/Michael Spinks fight. Needless to say, it was a short fight. Guy, R.I.P.

:: 2/2/2011: Jim Cuddie, colorado springs co, usa
Guy was one of the strongest people i have ever known...we lifted together in the late 70's and early 80's. I would fly to Ill. in the winter and stay with Guy. I will always remember how nice of a guy with so much talent. He was a true champion who always took the time to help others. As humble of a man as I have ever known.

:: 2/7/2010: JOHN RUPERT, Moreno Valley CA, USA
In 1986 while living in Colorado Springs as a young aspiring Olympian in US Cycling, Guy took me under his wing and coached me with several months of much needed weight training. As a young man, Guy instilled in me the self-confidence I needed in an effort to carry my own weight - necessary to propel my career forward. He encouraged me when I felt there was none. Guy Carlton is what True Champions, True Olympians are made of. It was not until yesterday when I learned - in my search to remember what was once good in life - that he had died so many years ago. After 20 years of working the streets as a private investigator, I somehow lost contact with Guy after 1995; I just got far too busy and the years passed far too quickly. Learning of his death stopped me in my tracks yesterday so to once again, to be reminded and resurrected to what really matters - in recollection of Guy's legacy of contribution. Guy Carlton and his contributions to my life will live deep in my heart and soul, along with his innate passion for lifting up others less fortunate, along with the weights we carry in life. Guy Carlton showed me in 1986 - as the small-time Arkansas Country Boy I was - the Power in The Spirit of The Games, and he will never be forgotten in my house. Time is all we have and work should never take us away from those we care about most; it took me far too long to figure that out.

:: 1/20/2010: Terry Hadlow, winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
Guy and I spent alot of time together in various international competions. In 1979 in the soviet spartakade our rooms were right across from each other and we spent alot of time moving back and forth. He was a special person . When I think of the many great adventures I had in weightlifting Guy is part of that trip through memory lane.

:: 9/27/2009: Laura Carlton, Bloomington Il, usa
I am one of his four girls...and he was the greatest dad anyone could ever ask for. I am blessed to have gotten to spend fourteen wonderful years with such an amazing person.

:: 5/2/2009: DAN YORK, LINN KS, USA

:: 7/9/2008: alex schopp, bloomington il, usa
i date on of his 3 daughters he is a very missed and loved man


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