Yury Zaitsev

:: 9/30/2022: Kevin St. John, ksluggo@netzero.net NY, United States
I just saw the posting about Zaitsev's passing. I am very sad. I saw him in Montreal and Gettysburgh. I really was a big fan of weightlifting and it really began in the 70's. He had an everyman look. Chubby and with thinning hair. Good memories.

:: 1/17/2019: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
Happy Birthday, Yuri!!!

:: 3/7/2018: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
Mr. Wanvig, I believe that Osmoniliev was Olympic champion in 1980 and THE MIGHTY VORONIN was the winner in Montreal.

:: 1/5/2016: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
Mr. Chidlovski, do you or any of the readers know at what competition the action photo seen above was taken and how much weight is on the bar. Thank you.

:: 1/4/2016: Steve Wanvig, Eagan MN, United States
Zaitsev was yet another Montreal Olympic Games gold medalist, in heavyweight, or 110K. This was before the USSR split up, and so the team was loaded. They won practically every class, most noteworthy David Rigert--easily winning his ONE AND ONLY Olympic gold medal. He should have won THREE: hands down favorite in '72 who unexpectedly bombed with 160 in snatch, and bombs in '80 Moscow with 170! Who'd have thought? Other winners in Montreal: Kanybek Osmonaliev, Nikolai Kolesnikov, Peter Korol, Valery Shary, and of course, Alexeev.

:: 3/3/2015: Kevin St. John, Rocchester New York, USA
Many years ago we had a driver who delivered where I worked who was the spitting image of Zaitsev except he was only about 5' 4'. I showed a picture of Yuri to one of my coworkers and she almost fell on the floor laughing the resemblance was so great. I liked Zaitsev a lot. Very good, not a super dooper star but valuable member of Soviet team for several years.

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