Alexander Pervy

:: 2/9/2016: Brian Strange, , England
I lifted in the 1976 Olympics at 110kg. The 50kg discs were used. The bar felt lifeless and heavy. No 50's were available in the training gym or even in the warm up area. For an Olympic games to experiment on the day with us was disgraceful.

:: 12/30/2013: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
Besides the 76 Olympics I remember seeing 50kg. plates in 79 Worlds in Greece and 78 Europeans too, I believe. Glad they stopped using them. Maybe if someone were jerking over 600lbs. by now we would need them but as long as everything fits on the bar I say good riddens to 50's.

:: 5/25/2011: Osama Mahmoud Sami, Zagazig, Sharkia, Egypt
Alexander Pervy was a weightlifiting legend, he is a huge lose.

:: 12/25/2009: Lorenzo Castiglioni, Milan, Italy
Well, IWF used the 50 kg green discs also in occasion of the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, but not for all the weight categories: for sure some heavy- and superheavyweights lifters, including Alexejev, used these discs in that competition.

:: 5/27/2008: Roger Sadecki, Roseville MN, USA
In 1982 in Ljubljana Pervy needed 225 C&J to win by bodyweight over Zlatev. This was the first time IWF decided to use 50 kg green discs when the bar reached 225. Pervy racked it but the bar was so dead (it didn't have the spring it had with the 25 kg discs on it) that it hit him with a thud and I think slightly injured him. After a long discussion with the jury and officials the bar was changed to the red 25 kg discs but Pervy couldn't negotiate it. The IWF abandoned the 50 kg disc never to be seen again.

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