Rudolf Mang

:: 3/28/2022: Kevin St. John, New York, United States
I would also like to add that given the lack of ability by governing bodies to control drug use for so many years, I really wish they would just let them use the stuff. they have caught many people in the last few years but we also know that some people just have better chemists working for them. I would never take them even if I had had any talent , which I most certainly did not. That is simply because I always felt that I wanted to know what I was really capable of , not what I could do with'help'

:: 3/28/2022: Kevin St. John, New York, United States
I have found it hard to believe that any German, east or west, who had success back in the early 70's was not using PED's. Look how doped up the E. German women swimmers were. Certainly, if the women were doing it you know the men were in any sport where it would help.

:: 3/26/2022: Erkki Saarinen , Lahti Suomi, Suomi
Mang age 15 lift 425kg/bw 98kg (!40/127,5/157,5). Record 630kg /130kg ; growth 48%.

:: 3/27/2018: Victor Rosenberg, Cleveland Heights Ohio, USA
In an interview that is still online, Mang said that during a checkup his doctors told him how worn out his joints were, and that is why he retired from weightlifting at 24.

:: 3/23/2018: Victor Rosenberg, Cleveland Heights Ohio, USA
Rudolf Mang was one of my favorite weightlifters when I first got interested in the sport in 1972. I was hoping he could win the Olympic gold medal at home. For the record: Spiegel Online's obituary mentions that Mang did use steroids, quoting him: 'I was no saint,' but also saying that what he used in a month was a daily ration for other lifters.

:: 3/14/2018: R. Eberhard, , Switzerland
Herr Chidlovski, Rudolf Mang verstarb gestern an einem Infarkt. Gruss R. Eberhard

:: 8/17/2012: Bjarne, , Sweden
You are fooling yourself if you think that Reza did'nt use PEDs.

:: 8/13/2012: John Cornel Kovach, Tempe AZ, USA
Our team under Coach Fraysher Ferguson, hosted the 1970 World Championships. Del Rosario. it was noted, was the only winner that did not use steroids. An it was said, that this was due to religious convictions. Also, we were shown the list of the first five places for the Mr. World, days before Schwarzenegger won (Sergio Oliva should have won). I believe this was the historic point at which Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding parted paths. The Mr. World was rigged and the days of the Double Crown (John Grimek, Bill March) were over. Most of the competitors stayed for two weeks and as young lifters and officials, we learned many interesting things that are unwritten! The meet was held at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio and paved the way for the annual 'Arnold Classic' sports festival.

:: 8/3/2011: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
Well Norbert..... Mang (not doped), set a(then)impressive jr record in the press with 200kg, and got out of the sport for an accident at 24yrs, -Alekseev(doped) set his first of 80 WR at 28yrs, won 2 olympics, 7 world champ. 8 european champ., and set his last wr at 35yrs of age... comeon..... Bones accidents and heart diseases(Reding) are typical of steroids abuse, specially when abused too young, Alekseev waited until 27 years of age to take steroids, and was the less doped of all, this is why he set world records well after Reding died or Mang got injiuried

:: 2/14/2011: Victor Rosenberg, Cleveland Heights Ohio, USA
What violation did Mang commit and in what sort of accident was he involved?

:: 1/2/2011: Norbert Knobloch, Nohn FRG, Germany
Hi, this is Norbert Knobloch one more time (first time: 5/30/2007). I tell You again: I know for sure that Rudolf Mang had never been doped. I´m a Hobby-Body-Builder who knows about doping, and I had been to Essen 1972 to Weiders Mr. Olympia-Contest 1972 where I learned to know Arnold, Franco Colombu, Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva and Serge Nubret who told me about doping. I met Rudolf and his trainer Rolf Feser in Munich 1972. Rudolf told me that he couldn´t beat Alexejev because the Russian was doped and he, Rudolf, was not. He also told me that he did not agree to get doped for several reasons. I believed in him because he was (and still is) a simple but straight character. His violation and his accident had been caused in too early and too long heavy duty training. So again: 'Rudolf Mang was the greatest talent on earth of all times' (Tommy Kono). Please, give Rudolf Mang some respect! Yours sincerely! Norbert Knobloch

:: 4/28/2010: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
Hi chidlovski, It is Known that weightlifting grew with anabolic steroids up to 1988, Mang might not have had his accident if he if he had not taken so much steroids. As well Reding died for overdose to catch up with Alexeev, i know because Reding trained in Rome at 'acqua acetosa' with Ermanno Pignatti, and i was there. Why Mang should be an exception? Mind that from 1968 to 1972 the press went from 200 to 235 kg! You think for the Vitamins?? Short men like Reding or Mang had to use more steroids to catch up the taller Alexeev.... Ah, and, please, see to add the nice Roberto Vezzani to the italian section, he newer won a medal in the total, but had overall better results than Dino turcato that won one bronze medal, he was silver int the jerk in Columbus 1970, with 200kg.

:: 11/19/2009: arthur chidlovski, , usa
Gioacchino, is it your guess and/or how do you know about these violations on behalf Mang? thanks.

:: 11/19/2009: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
ALL weightlifters until 1988 were doped, Mang was doped for his junior press world record of 200kg in november 1969 and was doped to add more than 30kg in 2 years for his record of 230.5 in march 1972

:: 5/30/2007: Norbert Knobloch, Nohn FRG, Germany
Welcome, to me, Rudolf Mang was the greatest talent on earth of all times. I know for sure that he had never been doped. And he was (and still is) a very sympathic and intelligent man. So remember him as one of the greatest sportsmen of all times! Yours sincerely Norbert Knobloch

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