Lasha Talakhadze

:: 6/10/2022: Peter, , Canada
This man is on his way to being remembered as the forever greatest. But in order to accomplish this, the magic numbers are 227+273. This smashes 500lbs, 600lbs and the 500 total. Other lifters have been VERY strong. Antonio snatched 222.5 in training and 227.5 missed behind (strength was there). Taranenko cleaned 267.5 very easy in Cardiff and a technical mistake cost him the jerk (didn't push off the front leg to stabilize). Cleaned 280 in training. Lasha could very well get to these forever greatest numbers but he'd better do it soon. Age will soon put him in slow decline.

:: 4/24/2022: Kevin St. John, NY, United States
Mr. Jones, Lasha will be a HALL OF FAMER, no doubt. Here in USA we have hockey, baseball, football and basketball Halls of Fame and the one thing that all four have in common is that no one was inducted until they retired. He is the greatest Super ever, the lifter of the greatest weights ever, Second on the Sinclair ranking and there is still more to come, we hope. He will be an inductee but we must be patient. He is a legend in his own time. He may become no. 1 in Sinclair. Imagine a super as top man by bodyweight. Wow! It really may happen and soon.

:: 4/21/2022: Steve Jones, Sydney NSW, Australia
How come Lasha is not in the Hall of Fame??? 5 x W.C.s with 2 more to come (at least) and 2 Oly gold with one more to come. If snatching 4 reds isn't enough I don't know what is !!

:: 2/18/2022: Vitor Jones, Setúbal , Portugal
Lasha was also world champion in 2015, and also established 3 world records at the Olympic Games in 2021...

:: 4/14/2019: Tibor, , Hungary
2019 European Championship, all-time best total, 478 (218+260) kg. Only 4 attempts , all were perfect and easy - what would be his maximum performance? 485 kg or more?

:: 12/17/2017: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
It took 29.5 years to break Krastav's record and this guy ups it again a few months later. I've seen the video and he looked good for more on both lifts. He appeared smooth and in control on all of the lifts. Krastav was shaking like jello when he made 216 and this guy made it look easy at 220. Weightlifting has gotten exciting for me again. Thanks, Big Guy!

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