Bruce Wilhelm

:: 4/21/2013: Kevin St. John, Rochester N.y., USA
I think Bruce belongs in the category of USA's top lifters of the 20th century instead of as an 'other top lifter'. He represented US in world and olympic competition, he was first American to snatch 400lbs.,and by being Worlds Strongest man 2x he showed people how tough a weightlifter can be against other types of strongmen. If Tony Urrutia can be there because he made 2 Olympic teams as an over the hill, former world champ who never did anything of note as a Us lifter, then Bruce definitely should be there. Just my opinion. Thanks.

:: 2/20/2013: Bruce M. Petty, New Plymouth , New Zealand
I went to Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, Ca. with Bruce. We were on the wrestling team together.

:: 8/13/2010: Stephen Powell, Irmo SC, Richland
Bruce won the first 2 World's Strongest Man competitions. He went up against the strongest men of the time and won easily. Not the best lifter but certainly one of the most diverse athletes for sure. Any footage of his Olympic performance in Montreal would be appreciated.

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