Bill Stellios

:: 8/2/2022: Robert Picone, Sydney NSW, Australia
Here’s a stat worth writing about. Bill’s lifts as a lightweight (67kg class) from the 1984 world championships would have won him a gold medal in 2022 Commonwealth Games. That’s 38years later! Bill snatched 137.5 and C&J 165 for a total of 302.5 and the Indian Commonwealth Games gold medalist of 2022 had lifts of 140 and 160 for a total 300.

:: 3/27/2019: Cosimo Sanfilippo, Sydney NSW, Australia
Hi my dear friend, all your followers left me with little to say as they enriched this page with compliments and great appreciation for your talent, and been glad to know A Great guy as you are. Even dough I am older then you, “starting late in weight lifting” I learned a lot from you, you were always ready to help, and have the ability to transmit knowledge to others. I was fortunate enough training in an ambient among great lifters like you during the 80s. Like everybody else, I appreciate your contribution on still helping when you can. I wished we could see more of you involved in to this great sport ….All the Best Mate. Cosimo Sanfilippo .

:: 4/13/2018: Albert Samuels, melbourne Vic, Australia
The 2018 games are just about over but it's not the same as it were years ago when our Aussie team was great. I mean like the Kabbas' Lukins' and of course the Stellios'. Bill what happened mate? You were a great ambassador to the sport let alone sport to Australia and you always said that Robert Kabbas was special, you 2 were something that the sporting public respected so much I know from the media releases. Are you and Robert involved in the sport as it needs you two so much. Kind Regards, Berty ( as you use to call me )

:: 3/3/2018: Brett, Sydney NSW, Australia
GDay Bill my name is Brett and do crossfit. I read about your workshop at the Oddsocks gym this Sunday. I will be away but will love to come to your next one. We in crossfit sustain many injuries big and small when we try and lift heavier weights. We now know why. We are taught do do the lifts but when the weight is heavy we struggle. I believe you are the man to show us how to deal with this problem. I couldn't believe when they told me you trained yourself for most of your weightlifting career with the help of the Soviet team and other countries. Is it true you were close with them and the others in Europe. I will meet you in the next workshop, can't wait.

:: 3/3/2018: George , Athens , Greece
Hello Bill my good friend. My friends told me you are conducting a strength workshop for athletes in Sydney this week. I told you many times you are the one of very few who can do this, fantastic, they need you. You are very kind, generous and understanding for these things and do it so easy. Your Polish influence in your training was a great advantage. I will here about the outcome but I know the answer. Please visit us one day.

:: 3/3/2018: John Mastoura, Sydney NSW, Australia
Hi Bill, this is John and I heard that you will be giving a workshop at the Oddsocks gym soon. Mate if there is anyone who can do it properly at the highest level so we can understand it thoroughly without the bullshit, it's you. I've seen you train the NSWIS athletes many years ago and you were impressive and they loved it knowing they were in the best hands. You left the Sports Scientists way behind, that's what the athletes said. Will catch up with you one day.

:: 10/12/2015: Kevin Ryedel, Sydney NSW, Australia
Hi Bill, you don't know me but a friend of mine through Crossfit mentioned your name and he said that you would be the best person to help Crossfitters with Olympic Lifts. he said that you would be working in Miranda at a gym. I called there one day and they said you hadn't started yet. Do you know when you will start as we are desperate to meet you and learn from the best. I will get onto Steve to follow you up to let us know. Boy you look like Rocky Balboa or is it Rambo Cheers.

:: 7/1/2015: Phillip Ashbury, NSW, Australia
Hi Bill, we met at the National ASCA Conference in Melb last year. I was there with a friend who is part of the ASCA. We were disappointed that we didn't learn anything on Olympic lifting techniques. We heard that you are probably the best cause others don't seem to have the secret or quality for that matter in teaching it. You should be the one to conduct workshops/seminars at the highest level. I heard in the grapevine and remember you saying something about starting in a gym in the Sutherland Shire. Must look you up. I am involved in Crossfit and we need someone like you desperately, we have too many injuries. Hope to see you soon, Phil.

:: 4/7/2014: Helen Roberts, Melbourne Vic, Aust
Hi Bill you wont remember me but I worked with you at the Bank Collins street Melb 33 floors of it. Everyone loved you cause you took time to talk to us even though you were very busy training and PR with the Bank. My husband remembers you lifting and said you look like Sylvester Stallone but you're better looking. Always remember you, Helen xx

:: 4/20/2013: narelle smithers, sydney nsw, australia
hey Bill, very long time mate. I remember the great days at the Bank. You were our strengthand a great person.remember our motto 'Get with The Strength' Bank Commonwealth, we banked on you. Hope you and your family are doing great, they must be proud, we are.xx

:: 2/13/2012: jean paul, papeete , tahiti
Monsiour bill remember your trip to tahiti. you have not changed 'greek kangaroo' thank you for being a great friend, real man. come back to papeete all the best au revoir JP

:: 2/6/2012: d ama, buonos aries , argentina
great to see your past achievements and your such a great ambassador God Bless you mate my family loves you

:: 1/30/2012: Rodney Smart, NSW, Australia
Hey Bill it's been 30 years or so, I used to train with Ernie at Burwood PCYC. How's things?

:: 12/16/2009: jenny, gosford nsw, australia
Hey bill it's been a lot of years. I worked at the Commonwealth bank and last saw you in Liverpool ?

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