Allen Salter

:: 12/6/2015: Aldo Roy, Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Just to add to what has already been said. Alen was my training partner for many years. He did lift in the 1964 Olympics in the 60 kg cat. Also, he lifted brilliantly in the 1965 World Campionships in Tehran where he finished 4rth in the 60 kg cat. As a 60kg lifter and lifting in our famous boiler room Allen once snatched a world record of 110 kg from the blocks with straps. Also I saw him do 141 kgs in the c & j while waying 60kg. Of all the lifters that I knew and trained with Allen was the most serious, dedicated to detail and honest. He became a chartered accountant and like a true numbers man he loved order and discipline. Everyone who knew him benefited from his relationship.

:: 6/27/2013: Keith Baker, Ottawa On, Canada
I had the privilage of training with Alan, Aldo Roy, Capt. Robison, Fred Sontag and Danny Melvanna.This was in a section of an old boiler room at RCAF Rockcliffe. This was in the mid 60's

:: 5/1/2013: fred parkin, courtenay bc, canada
i was on the same ottawa ymca team as allen in 1960/61 .i was 22 years old at the time and am now 75 and still work out regularly but limit my lifting to the military press. it is interesting to observe the loss of strength each year but we do what we can.

:: 2/4/2011: Thomas Curran, Ottawa Ontario, Canada
No, Allen did not medal in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. He did win a silver medal in the Commonwealth Games in 1962, and a bronze medal in the 1966 Commonwealth Games in Jamaica. He placed 4th in The 1965 World Championships in Teheran.

:: 1/23/2011: Jo Camelon, Arnprior ON, Canada
I believe that Allen did place in the medals during the Olympics. He has a Silver and Bronze to recognize his efforts. Please update this status.

:: 1/21/2011: Arthur Chidlovski, Boston MA, USA
Dear Mr. Curran: Thanks for the update. It's definitely a very sad news for weightlifting community. Regards, Arthur

:: 1/15/2011: Thomas Curran, Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Correction: Allen Salter passed away on Thursday, January 13, 2011; not on January 14 as stated earlier.

:: 1/15/2011: Thomas Curran, Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Allen Salter passed away on Friday, January 14, 2011. He was 74 years old.

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