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Helmut Losch

Helmut Losch (1947-2005) of Stralsund, Germany was the first Olympic Weightlifter from East Germany to earn the title of World Champion. He won gold medal in the clean-and-jerk competition at the 1971 World Champiomship...

CCCP Legends

Big Names. Small Talk.

Just a casual conversation between world famous weightlifting personalities in the late 1970s. Left to Right: Leonid Zhabotinsky (2x Olympic champion), David Rigert (Olympic champion), Sultan Rakhmanov  (Olympic champion) and Igor Kudyukov (Head coach, 1975-1980) of...


Vorobyev (1954)

Cover photo features legendary Soviet athlete and coach Arkady Vorobyev performing the clean-and-jerk lift in the heavy middleweight class at the 1954 World Championship in Vienna, Austria. By the end of this tournament, Vorobyev won...


Trofim Lomakin (1954)

Vienna, Austria, 1954 – Olympic champion Trofim Lomakin of Moscow, Russia competes at the 1954 World Championship. The results of the tournament are presented below: 1954 World Championship Location: Vienna, AUT Weight Class: Light Heavyweight  [82.5 kg] More...

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